Spies at Shipwrecks (TSN, 7:30 PM ET)

Argonauts at Blue Bombers (TSN)
Today at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt
Also available on TSN HD

Will Winnipeg ride their Bubblehead to a 2-0 start?

Can the Blue Team win a game?

Thrills. chills, and the usual spills await!

TSN.ca's game preview is at http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=327046 .

Oski Wee Wee,


Love the thread title!

Well done! :thup:


However, now that Kelly is gone are the bummers still spying?

Maybe we can get the spys to walk the Plank..

LaPolice Spies? LMAO We shall see....

There. I got the geography right on the second try. LOL :wink:

I expect Toronto to struggle on offense again. Early signs from Lemon are not encouraging for the Blue Team -- we may see Bell in the game by the third quarter.

I can see Pierce, Reid and crew racking up 40 points easily, this one will be over for the Boatmen after the first quarter. They should read the Setting Sail document, oops, sorry Fred's got his hands on it now trying to figure out a plan before Aug. 12. :wink:

Really? Do you have to drag the petty mayor bashing in to game threads? :roll:

Looking forward to this game and will definitely be watching on the NFL Network here in the States in my quest to find a CFL team whose fans will adopt me lol.

Lighten up a tad BigP, I think we could all use some humour right now.

To please you I'll do a Bob one - hey Bob, figured out what kind of boat you're going to use to get the to games on the EM when it rains hard? :wink:

See, I don't discriminate BigP. :cowboy:

:lol: Judge'n by the sense of self-entitlement of some of the posters here bob will need a fleet of heavy-lif helicopters to pick up their vehicles and drop em of on their driveways, less they be delayed by flooded roads or be forced to drive through areas where they might encounter residents with less then stellar credit.

God one BigP.

The TigerCats can get into the business of floating cars, maybe the Boatmen will have some advice on this since with their moniker they should have some experience in the area. And they do exist, check it out:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IUFZx7s7fY :)

You should worry about the Stamps. It was a friend of Murphy’s who was “spying”.

Climb aboard the TiCat's wagon.. we welcome ANYONE who isn't from Toronto or Winnipeg!!

You'll see the Cat's won't disappoint!

Tonight's game isn't on NFL Network.
Tomorrow's Ticat game is.


Tomorrow's game is on the NFL network? Excellent PR for Hamilton albeit I don't think too many people from the States will ever make Hamilton their vacation destination of choice regardless of what the stadium looks like. And ok, so IWS maybe isn't the best looking stadium in the world but it does the trick, at least for now, we are proud of the old girl!

Great job Russ....love the title too...... looking forward to participating

Yeah I meant tomorrows Ticats game not the game tonight lol I spent too much time in the sun today. Also thanks for the welcome Tiger Cats fans!

The TSN pre-game show has begun. :wink: