Spies at Larks game thread (Sept. 20, 1 pm ET, TSN)

Winnipeg at Montreal Sunday 1pm/10am PT.

Go Larks! An Als win makes it a six-point lead for the Cats on the Peg.

Will Bish burn? Will Bramlet be or not be?

Oski Wee Wee,


BC's win over Toronto means that an Als win ensures the Cats of a six-point lead going into next week!

TSN.ca's preview of the game is here: http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=291878 .

Oski Wee Wee,


TSN coverage will begin momentarily! :wink:

Gorgeous day at The Keg -- the sheen off Kelly's head is BLINDING. :wink:

Als gamble is STUFFED. Spies ball near the Als 50.

Spies two-and-out...

Feeling lonely in here Russ?

LMAO No. :wink:

I am giving some play-by-play...Reid TD, 7-0 Spies

Bish with a big completion, followed by a near-pick. Reid on a screen, then a 4-yd. run 7-0 Spies

The usual suspects should pile in eventually. :wink:

Als look out of synch offensively!

Score is now 7-1 Spies


Bish fumbles, Als recover deep in Bombers territory -- Als inside the Winnipeg 25

Duval FG attempt is good -- 7-4 Spies

Kickoff rolls over the dead-ball line, no point -- Bombers have it at their 25.

Spies two-and-out -- Ried is being neutralized -- Bish smacked by Emry!

Taylor muffs the return, picks the ball back up. Als ball.

Als are driving -- big YAC play by Richardson -- Cobourne WIDE OPEN underneath for a 20-yd TD reception and run!

11-7 Als! End of the first quarter.

Winnipeg's approach: 1) Run Reid 2) Screen to Reid 3) Please Bish, don't throw at any blue object or form.

Another two-and-out!

Als drive stalls. Spies get the ball back.

I wonder when Bramlet will hit the field...

Romby Bryant is having a HORRENDOUS season -- big drop there!