Spies at Larks game thread (Nov. 1, 1 pm ET, TSN)

Winnipeg at Montreal
Sunday,1pm et /10am pt
Available on TSN HD

Sunday's game will take added significance depending on the result of the Stamps-Lions game on Saturday night. A BC win only further the importance of the Spies to keep pace with both the Leos and the Esks in the crossover.

AC should see action, so the Als will be looking to rebound from two sub-par defensive efforts and right the nest.

It's November, so Bishop ought to revert to his usual divot-overthrow-laserpick ways in due course. Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,


Good morning folks!

With the Calgary win last night, Hamilton is practically assured of a playoff spot barring a loss next week and a Edmonton-BC OT tie. With that in mind, the crossover danger still exists for Winnipeg, making today’s game with the Als crucial for them. It should make the Als have to play harder to get back on the rails as a result. The opportunity to go undefeated at home (9-0) still exists for Montreal. We shall see if they can get that done.

Oski Wee Wee,


Will the Larks play for real or will this be another lark, its had to sacrifice you body when you don't have to win...GO LARKS

Montreal isn't used to losing and even though they don't need this win they will want revenge on the bummers. Especially the Al D. I look for them to do some Bishop stomping today.

I prefer the bummers not make the playoffs at all by losing their last 2. For me Hamilton hosting Edm or BC in the semi would be ideal.

I'm going to cheer for Montréal to win against the Winnipeg team.....

I think Bish, as much as I actually like him, will revert back to the usual as you say oski.

I’d like to see the Bombers win today and lose next week. Then I would like to see the Lions beat the Esks next week. That would put the Ti-Cats in second and the Bombers in third and NO crossover with the Esks missing the playoffs.

TSN coverage is on now.

Where's Clime?

Good question. Sideline duty perhaps?

Kickoff is imminent.

Afternoon all.... doh!!.. it's a "Black" day...... hopefully the Larks can brighten it up!!

Hey Russ, Shooting for 10,000 posts this game?

Good afternoon HTD! My Bish sig is not visible. LOL

Fumble by Taylor, Spies ball!

No facemask call???

Well, if Bish give me the material...LMAO

Thats ok Russ.. we know what it is.. I'll pretend it's there...lol

Serna FG is good -- Spies up 3-0

Black can speak for HIMSELF. LOL

At least Taylor held on this time!!

AC steps up.....