Spies at Gang Green game thread (Sept. 6, 4pm ET, TSN)

All set now.. WPG news now has their highlight of the night on the Brown sack!

Now the bummers can completely fold the tent!

Durant held onto it too long that time.

Boreham just missed on attempt to angle it out, punt single makes it 18-4 SSK.

Good afternoon folks!

Hey Russ

nice to see ya

big stop on Reid!!

Bishop got his completion for the quarter --- how many grannies in Row 3 have to be sacrificed...SAVE THE MELONS! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

was that a replay of the last series by the bummers????

stop Reid for a loss.. sack Bishop....loving it!!

Hi Russ. I was wondering when you might show up and be responsible for beer stains on HTD’s PC with your Bishop jokes.

But then Chick never gave Bishop a chance to throw, nice sack.

A pope, a rabbi, and Bishop walk into a bar....

:D :D :D

LOL… I’m refraining from Beer today BYF… saving the headache for tomorrows consumption, no laptop will be around in my presence at IWS

Wow.. awesome call on Durants #.. well executed!!

And the pope and rabbi asked Bishop if this was where he went before games and if that explained how he played.

Well, I tried to come up with a punch line. :slight_smile:

lol. .you may be onto something BYF!!

Frazier punishing himself for dropping what should have been a pick?

31 seconds left in the half, FG range not too far away.

Well, THAT was close.

Suitor's "The Rhythm of Michael Bishop" bio, soon at a supermarket checkout near you.

Durant armpunts -- Bish and co. have the ball.

Is Durant feeling sorry for the bummers???

Don't know what Durant was thinking on that pick, just a bad throw on the run.

Then it's 1st and goal WPG from the 1, would like to see them gamble and lose.


Bombers get NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!