Spies at EEEEEEs Game Thread, July 13, 9 pm et, TSN

Blue Bombers at Eskimos
July 13
9 pm et/ 6 pm pt

I will try to stay up to watch as much of the game as I can after a LONG day at the beach. Getting old... LOL

Oski Wee Wee,



Good evening HTD!

Hiya Russ.... beautiful night for football


EE touchdown!!

Fummmmmmmbbbbbbbllllllllle...Esks get the fumble recovery TD by Clint Kent!

Staggerville strikes again! :wink: Buck gets picked...

There's a surprise... BP is being looked at on the sidelines....man o man

WOW what a chuck and grab..... let the blow out begin!!!!!!!


Koch smokes the Bombers on a long TD reception from Jyles. 17-0 Edmonton.

LMFAO... pick 6.... EE on a rout


That's what I get for gloating about nailing my Rona pick last night. I might get the points side as long as Winnipeg doesn't score the entire game. :expressionless:

Brink of disaster! 24-0 after the pick- six!

And now the ball ripped out of the runningback's hands for another turnover?

Tooooo funny.... loving it, but my sides hurt

Winnipeg has to start playing soon. I took the 41-50 pick. :frowning:

I'm going to get very drunk playing the Rod Black "Swagger" drinking game. That's three shots in the past two minutes.


Bombers don't have a good o-line or d-line. We have the same problems. We are stronger in other areas, but I hope our deficiencies don't come back to hurt us like this.

Bombers don't have a good anything

35-0 Edmonton at the half. Astounding!