Spergon Wynn to the Argos???

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The Argos are talking to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders about a possible trade that may involve a quarterback coming to Toronto.

Argos general manager Adam Rita told the Toronto Sun yesterday he has had discussions with both teams. He didn't elaborate on specific players, but did acknowledge talking about a quarterback and some other positions he's addressing.

Sources indicate Winnipeg is dangling Spergon Wynn and Tee Martin -- both of whom are third-stringers at best with the Blue Bombers -- while the Roughriders are willing to part with Nealon Greene. He began his Canadian Football League career with Toronto in 1998 and has been the Roughriders' starter off and on the past four years, but dropped to the backup role midway through last season.

"I'm just trying to see what's available, what they want to trade and if they need these guys," Rita said. "Because of the salary cap, weird things can happen."

Blue Bombers GM Brendan Taman said he's been talking with Rita for two weeks about a deal that could possibly involve either Wynn or Martin.

"We've talked about quarterbacks and other guys, but they've made it known they're looking at the quarterback situation. Period," Taman said. "I haven't had a lot of nibbles from many teams. Toronto's been the most serious we've had talks with and that's where it stands.

"Nothing is imminent, but it's definitely not a dead issue either. We'll probably sit down at the (league meetings in Toronto later this month) and talk."

Rita engineered a three-way trade three years ago in which he acquired Glenn for a first-round pick from Saskatchewan, then flipped him to Winnipeg for a first-rounder.

Wynn, who is 6-foot-3 and weighs 230 pounds, has a strong arm and is considered an unpolished talent. He started as a rookie for B.C. in 2003 and became the backup. When starter Dave Dickenson suffered a knee injury, Wynn started for the Lions in a playoff loss to Toronto. He slipped to third on the depth chart in 2004 and asked to be traded.

Winnipeg acquired him in 2005, but a knee injury and subsequent surgery hampered him.

Martin came to Winnipeg after four years as a backup in the National Football League, but struggled badly.

The Argos are entrenched at starter with Damon Allen, but his backup is uncertain. Michael Bishop is in the Arena League with Chicago, but it's unlikely he'll be back. Third-stringer Charlie Peterson needs more seasoning.

Early next week, the Argos will work out former University of Nebraska star Eric Crouch, who really hasn't had a chance to showcase his skills at quarterback since turning professional in 2002. If Crouch impresses the Argos, it's expected he will be signed fairly quickly.

....Tee....WOULD BE A GOOD BACK-UP....might turn out to be alright for TO. with a little seasoning under Damon.....I wouldn't like to see Wynn go...he hasn't really had a chance to show his stuff in WPG....sounds like something is definitely in the works though.... :roll:

maybe winnipeg doesnt want to send a QB to rival sask....so the argos are gonna pick up wynn, then trade him to sask?

.............ah, this is when the off-season gets interesting.........papa, you guys gotta be looking forward to getting something for one of your four QBs........

I am not sure why the Argos are interested in Wynn. Don't get me wrong, I really like Wynn as he did not get a fair shake in Winnipeg from Daley last year. The first thing Berry said was he was going to give his three QB's, excluding the stiff Martin, an equal opportunity at first string. I suspect the Argos are interested because it appears Bishop may not be back. To me anyway, I really like Bishop, he has the best natural arm in football. I still think they should gve Bishop a shot at first string and retire Allen. However that is unlikely to happen. With Bishop apperently staying in the Arena League, that's why the Crouch try out.

...help on defense for sure ..Redand White.....but I don;t think TO....will part with anyone of interest to us....unless they have a gem hiding on their roster...i agree things are gonna get interesting ...I gotta laugh at that one Drumming ...you have that trade we made for Glenn in REVERSE... only involving either Wynn or Tee...wouldn't that be a laugher... :lol:

well, the bombers have too many qbs right now, they all cant play, so somebody is not going to be happy, likely Wynn will be off to a new city, I just cant see anyone wanting Martin however..


u said it KK Wynn is goin to be huge in Winnipeg but Doug has to play him

Spergon Wynn = Bad Idea

The last thing the Argos need is a backup QB with busted-up knees. I'd sooner take a chance on the unproven Crouch or Tee Martin.

...he had a whole year off to rest those 'busted knees'....I wouldn't sell Wynn short...maybe his year to shine... :wink:

Wynn is THE BEST backup qb in the league, and in my opinion, he is a way better qb than Glenn. Hopefully the Bombers wait till training camp to make a trade.
Don't see them getting much for Tee Martin though.The fact he still is on the roster makes me a little scared for the Bombers. What are they thinking?

Isn't being the best backup QB in the league a lot like being the valedictorian of summer school?
Wynn has shown flashes of good QB'ing in the past, but so has Michael Bishop, Marcus Brady, Brad Banks, Bart Hendricks...heh, even Kevin Feterik (ok, maybe not...just kidding Stamps fans!).
My point is, it takes that extra step forward to make the leap to Starting QB. There's usually a good reason why these guys are relegated to a backup role.

Besides, I don't agree that Wynn was the best backup in the league when Maas and Printers were backups last season.

...Maas looked more like the Esks. starter toward the end of the year...Printers was also starting a lot ...and wouldn't be considered a TRUE back-up...so the best back-up goes to Nealon Greene ...who thought he was the starter...till he proved different.. Spergon Wynn was classed as a back-up ...but was actualy relegated to the injury reserve list so technically he wasn't....am I confusing you Hourus...well that makes two of us... :roll:I think I'll stop now...

It's ok papa...I actually followed that. Maybe we're both crazy

...thanx...I'm glad I haven't gone totally incoherent.... :lol:

Wynn is sounding more like a keeper every day,
paps if your incoherent, what would you call those Crazy Stamp fans?

...well I have some choice phrases for THEM....but the powers that be would probably kick me off the forum ...and take away my password hank......so I'll reserve comment.. :wink:

The thing about Wynn is that he is able to handle the pressure of a big play in a big game. Sure he lost the Eastern Semi final a few years ago, but that was his first real playing time he had all year, the next year he was a huge help in getting the Lions to the Grey Cup.
As for Brady showing signs of greatness, I am just not sure where you get your info from.
As for your remark about Kevin Feterik, you could not be more accurate :smiley: