Spergon Wynn to be traded in next 2 days to Toronto!

Winnipeg Free Press reporting that a trade is in the works with the Argo's. Players going to Winnipeg in exchange have not been announced.


There may yet be some last-minute arm twisting and wrangling, but expect the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Toronto Argonauts to put the finishing touches on a trade involving quarterback Spergon Wynn within the next two days

good stuff...now toronto can trade him to sask, and get some defence in return...all teams are better off.

i wonder if Levingston is going to the Peg?....funny if it turned out to be Stokes...hahahaha

.....Bombers are supposed to receive a high draft choice...players will be ....only going by the rumour mill....Soward?....Mehilic?....OR and this one is a stretch ...Fletcher?....if the Free Press is reporting it....its probably fact...and we should know shortly...

as far as flipping Wynn to the Riders....don't count on it....TO. are pretty high on Wynn...and I think they'll keep him....this guy has a lot of potential... :arrow:

never know...the argos seem to have tons of good things to say about crouch, comparing him to Dunnigan.....u know the Riders will be calling the Argos to atleast ask what it would take to get Wynn.

The Argo's are smart football people if they did this to get something they need out of the Riders. The cost will be higher for the riders in this case then trying to get Wynn from the Bombers. Or just maybe the Bombers refused to deal Wynn to the Riders. So the side deal was done. Could KK be headed to TO.

I don't think the bombers would want to be the team to actually trade a potential key player to a divisional rival. This would be an interesting little deal if Tor did indeed trade Wynn to Sask after getting him.

What the heck? what is this?

Wynn staying RIGHT HERE!!!

and were geting Levingston

NO KK it looks like a deal is in the works.

oh ************************!!!!

…Levingston has been cut loose by the Argos…he could go anywhere…definitely a starter in TO. WILL BE …heading to the Peg…in exchange for Wynn…however as a side deal…Taman has insisted on a draft choice…and that the Argos keep Wynn OUT OF THE WEST…don’t look for Spergon to end up with the Riders…of course there has been double-dealing in the past…et al Glenn TO WPG…via TO… :roll: who knows…

where have u read that Levingston has been 'cut loose' by the argos?....they still own his contract, even if they aren't planning on keeping him....

have the officially released him, or traded him?

...he was sitting outside the Argo office ...waitng for his release .....commenting on the Stokes acquisition.....I imagine he has it by now.....but not official... :wink:

no…he doesnt have it…dont make stuff up.

If Toronto wanted KK, they could probably get him pretty easily. I am pretty sure thay have been trying to get rid of him all off season. I wouldn't doubt that if he doesn't get traded that he gets just straight out released. I don't think he has a lot of friends in the dressing room

oh don't start jumping on me for a call the press has already made....I don't make stuff up ...and if you read the reports (unofficial) you can't be that naive drum....just like I made the call on Printrers and you tried jumping on that one...come off it..you don't have the scoop on everything..and maybe I don't ... I go by credible reports...I don't know what media you are going by....I go by the local...

im not mad..im just sayin ...cuz it made me think it was true that the argos flat-out released him.

...he was asking for his release....according to Winnipeg Papers not me...I don't think they are going to keep him around do you...I ain't mad either....but don't accuse me of making things up....I will always include a disclaimer...lol :wink: :lol:

seemed to me u were sayin it was a done deal…that he WAS released.

i would hope a talent like his would be traded, not released, so the argos can get something in return…maybe they shouldnt have made it public knowledge about the paycut…reduces his trade value.

....HE WAS ASKING FOR HIS RELEASE......will that result in him being 'cut loose' because of the latest developments... I WOULD IMAGINE.... :idea:

please, dear god, tell me that the peg isn’t leting him go!!! WE NEED A HALF DECENT QB!!!