Spergon Wynn: Chronicles of a journeyman

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Journeyman, veteran, professional vagabond. Even at the young age of 27, all three of those terms apply to quarterback Spergon Wynn.

Wynn, who played the final two years of his college career at Texas State, has bounced around professional football since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2000. His journey through the professional ranks includes stints with the Browns and the Minnesota Vikings, as well as time with the CFL's British Columbia Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Wynn's newest team is the Toronto Argonauts, who dealt running back Mike Crumb and a second rounder to Winnipeg for Wynn's services.

Again, Wynn is just 27.

The Argonauts' newest acquisition is back in San Marcos this spring, continuing his course work towards his diploma.

“The number one reason I'm back is to get my degree,� Wynn said, fulfilling the promise he made while playing at Texas State. “One of the lessons that all the coaches I've been around have stressed is that you're here for football, but you're also here to get your education. I made a couple of promises to (current) Coach (David) Bailiff and (former) Coach (Bob) DeBesse.�

Bailiff is clearly pleased that the quarterback, who played while Bailiff was the Bobcats' defensive coordinator, is back to finish up his degree.

“The neat thing is, we have two former NFL athletes out here,� Bailiff said. “Clenton Ballard was also here (another NFL alum who returned to Texas State to complete his degree). It's nice that you can instill in these guys how important their education is. I think it reinforces how important a college education is (to current players).�

Of course, it also doesn't hurt Bailiff that he gets an extra set of eyes and ears on the practice field this spring- particularly a set that is entering his seventh year of a professional career.

“I'm here to help out as much as I can,� Wynn said. “I feel like I owe it to these guys to help them because they're in the same place I was a few years ago.�

The quarterback's input is an important bonus for Bailiff and his coaching staff.

“It's just great to have a young man here who as been in the NFL,� Bailiff said. “It's great for the coaches to talk with him and find out what drills have been helpful. It helps us stay on the cutting edge of things offensively.�

Wynn, who was noted for his intelligence in pre-NFL draft evaluations, has been aiding in the execution of quarterback drills. He also offered himself to the Bobcat quarterbacks just after practice if they wanted help with any particular facet of the game. Needless to say, those players took him up on the offer.

“Anytime you've got a guy with his credentials coming back, he's not only going to be a great example, but he can show you a lot of things a coach might not see,� Texas State quarterback Chase Wasson said. “He's been giving me a lot of one-on-one attention and I can tell it's really benefiting me.�

Wynn can certainly provide Texas State players with some perspective. The young quarterback has been through a great deal in the past few years after throwing for 3,497 in his two years at Texas State. Wynn has been forced to uproot nearly every year for a different city and a different team. In a short time, he has transformed himself from a young player out of a Division I-AA school into a mature professional athlete. According to Wynn himself, he is leaps and bounds from where he was in 2000.

“Maturity comes with life, and I've been through a whole bunch of life lessons,� Wynn said. “I've been in their situation before and if they're trying to do something after this (as far as professional football), I can answer pretty much every question they've got.�

Of course, part of maturity is facing and overcoming criticism. The Browns drafted Wynn in the sixth round of the 2000 draft, the final quarterback taken before Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, a fact that made Wynn the answer to a trivia question. He also faced a great deal of criticism, because, like many younger quarterbacks, Wynn struggled his first few years under center.

“The criticism is part of the game in general and it comes with doing anything in the spotlight,� Wynn said. “I've been a lot of places, and I try and take something from everywhere, whether it was a positive or a negative experience.�

Wynn, the only quarterback ever drafted into the NFL out of Texas State, truly got an introduction into the life of an NFL passer in Cleveland, where NFL super-veteran Ty Detmer took the precocious young signal-caller under his wing.

“Ty Detmer was the first guy who really sat down and tried to teach me about the nuances of the game,� Wynn said.

Wynn is getting a chance to do much of the same thing this spring at Texas State, helping to bring along a new set of quarterbacks who will look to replace Barrick Nealy, an NFL prospect himself.

“With all the lessons that I've learned, if I can help some of these guys not make some of the mistakes I've made then that's all that really matters,� Wynn said.

Wynn is scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2007 with his degree in marketing, and his loyalty to his alma mater extends past the classroom, particularly during last year's successful run to the Division 1-AA semi-finals.

“I followed them on the Internet mostly,� Wynn said. “I tried to keep up with scores and statistics as much as I could. I wish I could've been down here, I heard about a lot of my teammates tailgating and rooting the guys on.�

He won't get a chance do that this year either, though, as Wynn must return to the Great White North and the Argonauts for his seventh professional season.

“I'm looking forward to it,� Wynn said. “It's another chapter in my career and I'm expecting some big things from myself. I can't wait to get that process started.�

DG, I think the Argo's got top prize in the FA's this year. Tucker you can not count because everyone knew he was staying put in the igloo! But if somone needed a CFL QB with experience and ready for the next level it is Wynn. I have always liked this guy. The Bombers made a big mistake on this one way to go Taman your stupidity is showing once more. Think of all the good players Taman has allowed to leave the Bombers. Yet there are a few on this board from the misquito capital of the world that thinks he walks on water. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :cry:

He wasn't a FA he was a trade.

I agree that he was a great pick up, Wish Roy would have done it.

Thanks Billy for the correction ya he would have fit in well for the Riders.

...red is in dreamland sometimes Billy.....lol,,,,if Wynn gets to start ahead of Damon....'ill be very surprised...I would reserve judgement on that deal...and the best fa. signing....get it red....fa. signing is Simpson....so get your info straight.. :lol: .

Oh did you guys sign Homer Simpson! Please the guy is good but not great he is not going to make that much of an impact unless of course he is great and can play several positions at one time. Wynn is the best choice for a QB ready to step up to be a number 1 QB in my opinion. And yes I think he would have done well in Regina. Did I say he would be ahead of Damon NO again your mind ( to many beer over your life time) is getting the best of you. But I can tell you if Damon gets injured they have a good QB to fill in.

....read my lips ...red....BEST FREE AGENT SIGNING SO FAR IS BARRIN SIMPSON.... if you can come up with a better one let me know,....and.if you have concerns about his talent level ....I'm pretty sure he'll be more than glad to show you how well he performs on the football field .....come game time against you guys......you really got to quit inhaling that stuff you're on red....it's muddling your thought patterns....and screwing up your fact gathering.... :lol:

LOL thats pretty sad that u think the aquireing of spergeon wynn was the best in FA this year, please don't make me laugh to hard. :lol:

Better free agent signing than Simpson? I got one: Josh Ranek. Second in the league in combined offensive yards last year.

Best QB acquired in the off-season? Jason Maas. Not a free agent signing, but neither was Wynn.

Anyone choose to disagree?

Taman would rather keep Tee Martin! :shock:

Reds a little too excited about Wynn, but, I think he is correct about Wynn being the Best back up (other than Buck Pierce) to step in if a starter goes down. I also agree with him that Wynn would have been a great fit in Regina. I think you've nailed it correctly Big Dave on the biggest signings so far.

yup....Ranek ain't no Charles Roberts....though he's pretty steady....Simpson is one of the best if not the best linebacker in the league.....arguably...sorry BigDave... :wink:

..........John Grace might have something to say about that.......

...wel I guess we will have to wait and see how the season progresses on that one... won't we Red..... :slight_smile:

Papa, are you kidding? I'd take Grace in a heartbeat. Kevin Eiban also comes to mind quickly as well.

........that's why they play the games, but based on last years stats Grace had a better year than Simpson......as did White........a pretty potent one-two linebacking core......throw Clark and Coe in there along with Napastuk, Abdullah and Maxis and our 3-4 is pretty solid......

...ahhh your just sore cuz he dosen't play for you guys anymore....c'mon get serious Sporty... :lol:

…Simpson was hardly playing in a system he liked under Wally…so I wouldn’t go by last years stats…we’ll see the REAL Simpson this year…I’m stickin with my guy… :wink:

…and I’m sticking with my seven…I’m not a serious betting man, so someone who is help me out here, but I’m thinking seven to one is pretty good odds, huh?..

Oh I see Jason Tucker is what? Yes apple and oranges my friend. Baron better be able to play several positions if he is that good!