Spending cap coming for Football Operations expenditures

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Would their contracts still be guaranteed? Would though for a team to justify keeping a coach/GM etc...in the midst of an 0 for start if they can't 'afford to'.

I guess it's good for the league to become leaner expense-wise, though I'm not aware of any league (aside form a single entity) having a non-player cap these days.

Perhaps a way to offer more money to the players and settle the CBA quickly?

Spending cap is approved and effective the 2019 season.

Max 11 for coaching staff and 17 for other football ops. Cap is set at 2.738 million.

Wow. Posters here have campaigned for this type of change, but I never thought the league would effect something like this. Ambrosie and the modern BOG continue to impress.

I wonder too about guaranteed contracts for coaches. My guess is they'll become a thing of the past, whether by league rule or not.

I have wondered this myself it’s either the players are the one’s being vocal , the owners pointing it out or are they reading it here .

Then doing a little research they see a competitive imbalance , future labor issue and cost problem escalating .

I however I think the dynamics like mini camps , scouting departments etc … and development of home grown talent should have a free reign to spend like drunken sailors .

The reason for this opinion is the Fan gets a better product if they scout better , practice a bit more and work at getting nationals better prepared for the CFL .

If a team is not prepared to spend on these basics at a Pro level I have a problem .
I would rather see a minimum spending in those aspects of a CFL team .

I think it would of become an issue during upcoming CBA talks if they didn't address this. Hopefully players get more next contract. Need to move the player salary out of XFL range

Yes! I've been asking for this for years way to go Commish !

The dollar numbers make no sense at all. How can you believe that $2,738,000 will be sufficient to pay for 11 coaches and up to 17 other in football operations. An average of $97,786. per employee. We all know that Head Coaches earn $300,000 or more and offensive and defensive coordinators roughly $150,000. Must be a mistake.

How can you attract quality coaches? Will teams have to sign players from garage or junior leagues? Say bye to the June Jones, Mark Trestman, Mike Sherman,Chris Jones,Dave Dickenson and on and on.

If that's the case it will really be "bush" and I will lose interest.


I agree if this happens Richard .

I do wish the CFL would remove the head coach out of the cap and remove one QB out of the players cap and give them a sliding scale as they skew the average player and administration staff out of scale .

There is a resistance to it here but that's how business is done you separate this aspect and exclude this out of the budget by putting a practical cap on the top performer so it retains and attracts talent at the top levels but doesn't effect the rest of the lesser known performers compensation .

We'll have to see how it shakes out.

For 28 employees, that cap allows for almost $100,000 each. Clearly, the GM and HC are going to earn much more than that. But apparently they don't have to hire all 28. Some might be part-time maybe?

I also wonder if this cap will be scrutinized as closely as the player's cap. And what the penalties will be.

For players, the max.2018 cap of $5.2 millions come to roughly $100,000 per player, excluding playoffs and Grey Cup payments. This is based on 52 players,i.e. 46 on active roster +players on 1 game injured list and players on practice roster

Many of CFL coaches come from the States. How can you attract a Mark Trestman or Mike Sherman or June Jones etc. for let's say $125,000 Canadian or roughly $96,000 US. No one will come.

In 2017, Winnipeg spent $11,753,251 for football operations,including players; if you exclude roughly $5.6 millions for players-included the ones on 6 game injured list- you still have roughly 6.1 millions for coaches,football operations and training camp.

In 2017, Edmonton spent $10,464,079. If we exclude $5.8 millions for players-they had many players on 6 game injured list- they roughly had $4.7 millions for other football expenses.

I agree that there should be controls, but I don't see how you can impose a limit on private entities,although not all teams are private.


Hmm . . . I think you may well be correct when you wrote 'this must be a mistake.' How could teams all agree to cut operations expenses by about half like that?

I wonder if the $2.7 million number is only for the 11 coaches or only for the 17 others, but not both. That might make more sense.

28 is the maximum number. Teams don't have to hire 28 people. CFL teams use to be run with four or five coach. One GM and one scout.

Over time the American influence has changed this and in the end we are getting a less exciting product. As the league has transformed from a player's league to a coaching league. 11 coaches in the CFL is ridiculous. 46 player roster, that is less than five players per coach !

Teams should be allowed to transfer what they don't use of their CAP from coaches on To their roster and vice versa, that would make for interesting strategies.

Who is going to take a CFL coaching gig over a good job at a school? Nobody. It really does hurt the league in the long run, at least at 2.738mil.

So does this mean everyone likely drops a quarterback coaches and other similar positions? QB coaches is an important way to get the most out of QBs in a pass heavy league and grooming grounds for offensive coordinators…something that had been stagnant for years. DB coaches seemed to be the same for DC progression.

I get the idea behind this…it was an issue…but I also have some serious concerns on this action.

Teams don't have to hire 28 people - You sure? Depends how it is broken down, because right now Montreal lists 50 between coaching stall and football operations. That doesn't include any execs or other front end staff, which I assume would not be included either way. Would really need to see a breakdown on how they define what roles fall into this...after that there will be endless loopholes being exploited for some time.

Sure...I mean they could hire like 3 people and call it a day...but for the most part, the fewer people you have around the more the product will suffer and the more it turns into "the old boys club" where we have stale cycling of staff and promisingcoaches are rare...the past decade or so has been a massive evolution in this for the CFL with some of the awesome new staff that has come along.

CFL teams use to be run with four or five coach. One GM and one scout. - Sure, and players used to play both ways and had like 22 man rosters. Evolve or die.

Presently I list 40 persons-14 coaches and 26 operations- for the Als. These include scouts,Head Equipment,Head therapist and assistants, Executive Assistant and on and on.

I definitely don't recall when teams had only 4 or 5 coaches. Maybe junior teams,but not professionals. Twenty years ago,the Als had 8 coaches.

I can't imagine teams accepting to have a cap for operations; I agree that you may have guidelines but saying to teams A , B, C and on "you can't spend more than this amount. It's not Government funded businesses. You can pay a QB $500,000 but you can't pay your Head Coach more than $150,000.

Je vais décrocher. Si ainsi, la Ligue sera la risée!


I believe this to be a huge mistake for the league which will have a detrimental effect on the professional image and eventually ... the quality of play.

Yes ... successful businesses have to keep a handle on costs but that is up to the individual clubs and their strategic thinking on how they wish to manage. This is not a situation where the league should be managed to equality of outcomes for the member teams. This is professional sports for crying out loud .. not T-ball!

Why is this being sprung on the fans with no consultation? Is this the Ambrosie way? This nickel and dime approach to running the CFL should have been eliminated a long time ago .... this is a huge step backwards and will result in a watering down of the product quality. And the league thinks this will expand revenues? Don't think so!!!!!

If management is on the ball ... expanding revenue streams and opportunities is the key ... NOT mandating artificial caps on everyone. This will be the death knell for our beloved CFL.

If recent news is any indication I think the league is looking at the collective good rather than the individual. If this means unparalleled growth for the league I'm all for this.

I am not sure this is a good idea, especially that it will no doubt affect the ability to hire and keep HC and the coordinators.
Since everything has a number, I think the better way might be to have a players and coaches all inclusive cap let's say at $10M.

While some,including me, are totally against these measures-cap for football operations- I do think that is is quite important to know what is included under football operations. While we all know what we are talking about when we talk/mention coaches such is not the situation with football operations.

Last night,I wrote that the Als have 26 persons listed under football operations; these include therapists,lockers rooms attendants,including visiting team, members in charge of video equipment,chaplain and on and on. When I only count the GM,his assistant,persons in charge of scouting I come up with 8 persons. Quite a difference!

If,for instance, teams have no more than 11 coaches and most have 7 to 8 in football operations, then the $$ number of $2.738 millions for coaches and football operations makes more sense. I can't imagine teams setting a cap that makes no sense.

I will try to find out what comes under football operations. Scouting included or not? In his article,Dave Naylor wrote that they -League and Teams Officials- will look at scouting and training camps costs. Seem different than football operations.

Hoping to have information sooner than later.


A new coaches/scouts union coming because of this?


In the wake of the CFL’s decision to impose a cap on football operations expenditures, coaches and scouts around the Canadian Football League have begun discussions about forming a union. According to TSN reporter Dave Naylor, the hard money number will be $2.723 and coaching staffs will be maxed out at 11 and front office executives at 17. Just based on sheer numbers, there will be coaches who get pink slips when the football expenditures cap takes effect in 2019. Current coaching staff numbers across the league: the Montreal Alouettes have 14 people on staff, Ottawa Redblacks 10, Hamilton Tiger-Cats 11, Toronto Argonauts 15, Winnipeg Blue Bombers 10, Saskatchewan Roughriders 15, Edmonton Eskimos 13, Calgary Stampeders 10 and B.C. Lions 10. That means 13 coaches would be unemployed in 2019. “Some coaches and scouts are going to lose their jobs after this season,? one league source said.