Spend the house on Casey Printers... trade Maas!

Its just my opinion, but Im all for the Cats trading Maas for a couple of buckets of ankle tape if we are able to put a serious bid in for Printers. If we dont sign Printers, Toronto likely will and we will be bitching and moaning every Labour Day for the next 3 years. I dont think Printers would be a step down in the least and the mobility factor is what is real key to me. Thats one scary backfield....PRINTERS, HOLMES, LUMSDEN, and RADLEIN!!!OUCH watch out Eastern division....thats a whole lotta game breakers in the backfield without even touching on recievers. Merry Christmas

Interesting... should we just trade Maas to the Kansas City Chiefs? Cause Printers signed an extension.

printers extension with KC means nothing, nfl contracts aren't guaranteed, also they like brodie croyle as their qb of the future, and printers could easily get cut in march before he gets his nfl roster bonus on march 1st. 2007 is also gonna be a strong QB class in the draft, and I don't see casey being there much longer, plus k.c. doesnt have the patience to continue dealing with his don king wannabe agent jason medlock.

I agree we must not let the ARGOs get Printers
or we can kiss goodbye any chance of beating
toronto in the playoffs.

But i hope you realise toronto will do anything
to get into the grey cup this year when it is
played at home.
So don't expect to see Printers available when
BC's rights runs out in febuary. Toronto will
trade a player to BC to get his rights first
before any other team will have a chance at him
in february.

Printers will wait it out if that were to happen to see if he could get a better deal, I think.

Who gives a better deal than Toronto??
look at RW $500,000 for one year!
The US players knows that toronto pays the

Well, it all depends how far open Bob Young leaves his wallet for Desjardins

But also desjardins has to trade someone
to BC before the Argos do to get printers
rights before the feb. dead line.
I don't think that will happen because
the cats are not as desparate as the Argos.

Printers is nothing special. He was already having lowering production when he left.

Toronto didn't spend $500,000 on Ricky Williams. That's just pure ignorance.

All I can say about the title of this thread is "Thank God Desjardins and Taaffe will be the "deciders" (with input from the Caretaker's wallet of course)".

Printers although very talented is not a team player. I've read quotes from him while he was in BC that clearly put himself ahead of the team. Kind of reminds me of Craig Yeast in that regard.

You're right, he is not a "team player". He is an MVP. Something this team hasn't had in nearly 10 years! If a guy is freaking talented like Printers is, you sign him and play him. End of story. But oh, we are accustomed to the Ron Lancaster way of coaching...if a guy doesn't immediately conform you ship him out, rather than work with him. Big time players often have big time egos, but getting rid of anyone and everyone at the first sign of trouble is the sure way to be 1-17..or 5-13...or 4-14...etc...

Well I dont know about spending the house, but Maas has to go or we need someone to start over him on a regular basis!I would take Printers over the over rated Maas anyday!

As Much I as Hate Maas Personaly..
After Reading How Our new Head Man
Help AC Become a Good QB..

He Maybe Beable to Turn Maas Around..
If He can't Then Our coach and GM
will make shure Maas is on Plane out of Hamilton.

Everybody's a GM

Remember that Printers and Maas looked the same in the years that they broke out in the CFL. What are we going to trade Printers for when he has a bad season?????????

The KC Chiefs have Ask Printers to Go NFL Europe
Well see who is Better Former Ticat Kevin Eakin or Printers..

I can't see Casey Giving up his Dream of Being an
NFL Starter.

After what Charlie Taafe's offensive coaching prowess did for Anthony Calvillo, I'm more than willing to wait and see what he can do with Jason Maas.

HA! that was worth a few laughs. Jason Maas is the target of jokes and punchlines here is Sask!
Instead of saying no deal, we say No Maas!

Hamiltons best bet would have been to give us Homes back in exchange Marcus Crandell.

Although I must admit, Maas made the games very laughable, but having Hamilton as my number two choice in the CFL, he was pathetic. And its not Lancasters fault!