spend some money this offseason

This team wreaks of inexperience on both sides of the ball. We have a good group of core players, and there is some young talent, but there are major pieces missing, pieces that can only be filled by experienced players. the front offices tight wallets this season have contributed to the poor onfield product. Also please focus on the o-line this draft, there is always a good core of Canadian o-linemen in every draft. As for the rest of the team, we need to build depth for the rest of the offensive line, replace Woodard, we need another D tackle to team up with Adams, Patrick will be good for depth, find a good edge rusher, and a new WIL linebacker. After all of our holes are filled, all you can do is look to the coaching, I am hoping Marshall(Peg's defensive co-ordinator) is in a Cats golf shirt this time next season.