Spencer Wilson

He did well for his first start a left tackle. Only gave up the one sack, and one false start.

wilson is an interesting case come to the stamps out of the Junior Calgary Colts the other team to use McMahon along with the Stamps and Dino's. He has just finished his second year with the stamps and played pretting well at LT. Currently there is only one starting NI LT i wonder if the stamps have plans for him to start in the near future as early as next season. J'Michael Dean also an NI who started at RT his sr year at Mich St and also started some games at RT for the stamps this year. Cold tey have plans for him to start at RT creating an all Canadian line. Or at least use one of them to start at RT to give them the CFL trend of starting 4 NI's on the OLine along with one import at LT