Spencer Watt

It was nice to see a few passes in Spencer Watt's direction in the last game. My guess is that he's only been targeted 4 times and not at all in the first two games. While the team has an embarrassment of riches at receiver I find it surprising how little Watt has been involved. Am I missing something here?

Watt, and Coates before him, play the Z receiver position, which is likely thrown to the least of all receivers. The CFL is a slotback league first when it comes to the pass. The true WR roles on the outsides are often decoys more than targets.

If you look at receiver stats in the CFL, you will find that a good WR is often well below 1000 yards, and virtually every receiver over 1000 is a SB, or at least not a true WR all the time.

From CFL.ca:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/stats/?stat_category=receiving&season=2016]http://www.cfl.ca/stats/?stat_category= ... eason=2016[/url]


89 WATT, Spencer HAM 4 3 7 26 8.7 16 0 0

From this he has been thrown to 7 times and caught 4 for 26 yards. Not scintillating by any means, but par for the course for the boundary W/R. I'm sure that once D/C's start ignoring him (C/B's giving him the deep outside by cheating to the S/B) he will get open and Jeremiah or Zach will start finding him more on a pump and go. Could even be tonight.


Exactly. He's the wide side receiver furthest away from the QB in general, hard to get a good favorable angle on a throw out there. I really can't even think of a truly great scary effective wide side receiver in the league right now.

All of that makes sense - hopefully we see him have a big one sooner rather than later!

With great receivers like Tasker, Fantuz, Chad Owens and Tolliver to throw to, Watts will not get much attention.

The "Z" wide out position is field side ( wide side) and not boundary ( short side ) or strong vs weak depending on the hash mark spot.

We all know Coates was capable when thrown to, and Watt is both starting and dressing over him, which says a lot. The least used starter is still good enough to be a starter is my point.

Oops, I used the wrong term. :oops:

Thanks for being polite when pointing out my error. :wink:

Same thing happened with Giguere. Too bad the team couldn’t use him as a SB, as I think he would have excelled at that position (actually, he played pretty good there when Fantuz was down)…

IN SG’s last season and a half or so with the Cats they did start playing him inside a bit, and he also had more success there. His final season in Hamilton (2014) is the main reason he got over 500 yards that year, because they played him inside a lot that year.

Even the best true WR’s usually only catch 500-700 yards per season, but that’s damn good for the outside. The best receivers on any team are always at SB. Even smaller guys like Owens and Banks play slot, when you typically need a bit more size there, because you’re playing against more size in the middle. They get away with being small by being durable playmakers.

There’s also the trend over the years for the outside linebackers to become more hybrid DBs rather than “traditional” linebacker types (to try and reduce the speed mismatches exploited by spread offenses), so the size mismatch is usually less dramatic than it might have been if these smaller receivers had played in a different era.

The SAM linebacker position is where you see the smaller DB/LB hybrids, but the side Banks and Owens play on would be the larger WILL LB's turf. Where Lawrence plays for Hamilton.

Also, you rarely ever see a LB covering a WR, unless the WR is running inside, like the play in Toronto last year where Coates scored his first TD. That play was actually designed for the Z receiver.

He had a couple of nice catches against Winnipeg - so maybe I should have started this thread sooner? Hopefully more catches in better games ahead.

This whole discussion boggles my mind. Why stick a guy out in the flat and never throw to him? Is it just a spot to stick a Canadian so we play eleven man football?

If the angle is too wierd for the QB, then why not bring him in a few yards? There can not be a rule that says the WR has to line up in the middle of no where? Surely not?

If the goal is to spread the D, run an out pattern. Am I missing something, or are the coaches just too American to use all 12 players?

It has nothing to do with just starting a Canadian to fill the 7 spots. Being rarely thrown to is simply the nature of the Z receiver, and in the NFL also. It’s called Z for a reason… and what is Z? The last letter.

Plus, as already stated, the CFL is, and has always been, more of an interior passing league. Just look at every CFL team depth chart, and look where all the best receivers are - at SB, not WR. Earl Winfield is the only WR I can think of who was the best receiver on his team, and they often played him inside also.

Unless that LB was Jamal my favorite Johnson.

Edit wait I’m sayin my favourite LB not my favourite Johnson :oops:

Ottawa - Wide receiver Chris Williams
Montreal - Wide receiver Duron Carter

Chris Williams.

Real good point !!