Spencer Watt

Welcome to Hamilton. Your first mistake: wishing "luck" to the blew team... :twisted:

Sweet As :thup:

Played University ball with the guy, great person, great athlete! Welcome to Tiger Town Spence! :smiley:

Ah cut him a break. He was just saying good bye and trying to be nice. He'll soon learn that Argos are the mortal enemy and suck while the Ticats are NOT the dark side but "Sweetness and light"! :wink:

The force is strong with this one....

Nope. Once you sign on the dotted line, all past affiliation to the blew team MUST be expunged, else you run the risk of contracting "Mikey O'Shame" disease.

Spencer will be alright as soon as the Exorcism is done to expunge all those Devilish,evil Blue demons from his soul. :smiley:
Welcome to Hamilton Mr.Watt, you were on my wish list and my prediction list :smiley: :rockin:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:



i like it id say giguere is gone n im ok with that this is a upgrade n upgrades are a good thing for this team not a big one but just enuff

I would say he's an upgrade more by what we have now taken away from the Argos, less that he's better then Giguere.

Statistically, Watt's numbers don't look as good as Giguere's. Less yards, less average yards, less consistent yards. That being said though, Toronto has generally been a lot more run heavy then us, even going back to when Cory Boyd was playing and we have been a lot more pass happy.

Keep in mind here, Watt was working with Ricky Ray, one of the CFL's best pivots and he wasn't drawing as many yards as Sam (no offense to Zach or Hank). Now that being said, this move has taken the best national receiver from the Argos and their #5 receiver. This means ratio mixing is going to be needed by the blue team, or they will have to start a green national receiver, and that bodes well for us, given we'll be playing each other three times.


They play the same position. Sammy played VERY well at SB when Fantuz was injured (again). If you want to look at cold, hard numbers, the Ticats should release or trade Fantuz, sign Giguere to a long-term contract, and move him to SB. That would (obviously) cause a riot in Hamilton, and quite possibly put Kent Austin's life in danger.

You cant count on Andy to play a full slate of 18 games. Not saying he is washed up but he cant help if he is injured as he often has been of late. With him on a roller-coaster in and out of the line-up it disrupts establishing consistency in the receiving corps. I like Sam and would love to see him play out of the slot more often. But alas it really doesn`t look like he will be returning to Hamilton. As for a riot in Hamilton if Fantuz where traded.. I guess it would be all depend on what comes back.

Ah yes. Welcome to the Hammer Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for getting this thread back on-topic. Watt tweeted some compelling reasons on why he chose Hamilton, most of which involved Collaros and the chemistry they have.

personally i dont think giggy has ever got out of his i played in nfl mentality how many plays over 3 years did he give up on.

Watt' averaged 12.7 yds per catch over 5 years with the Blew team so his production is very comparable to Giguere's (12.3 over 3 years). My guess is that he signed for about the same amount of $$ that Giguere turned down - but it is just that - a GUESS.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3h3 hours ago
Sources say new WR Spencer Watt got a two-year deal from the #Ticats at 120K per season. #CFLFA15 #CFL

im glad you had the guts to say it my friend. i was thinking it but figured id get crushed. I agree 100% with this.


Watt is an upgrade over SG if only because he's faster. SG must be one of the slowest guys in the league. Made a living on his NFL laurels but his actual play was mediocre.

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