Spelling and Grammar at cfl.ca

"Lions, Bombers loose [sic] Canadians to injury"



Wow! Grims has my vote for what does the "C" stand for in the CFL. We all know it stands for Canadian, but the last post is so COOL for this topic holder.

Yeah because a fn typo is a big deal... :roll:

a typo is one thing................using "Loose" when the author should have used "Lose" is very likely not a typo at all.........but use of the incorrect word.

Sad to see standards dropping.........................

I disagree, MadJack. I know a couple times I've hit my O key one time too many on accident. It happens. At any rate, I wouldn't criticize the writer too much. A lot of times a writer will miss his own mistakes. This is why there are editors.

Well I'm certainly with you on the editing thing.................I am the worst proof reader of my own work. So whatever, blame the editor then..................but something that glaring should never have seen the light of day on a professional website.

I agree. If CFL.ca doesn’t have a group of editors looking over each article and column, then they should hire some. I just didn’t like the attitude some had. It struck me as condescending, Not to mention a little ridiculous when consider how many atrocious posts are made on this forum.

Absolutely........are you trying to bait me into going into one my "corps" vs. "core" or "then" vs. "than" rants again?


If it showed up in the body of a newsfeed, that's an unfortunate error. When it's in 32 point font in the headline of the number one news story on the homepage of the league site, well, that's a whole 'nother thing.

Whatever genius wrote that should be almost as embarrassed as whoever signed off on it. And to be fair, it may not be the writer, as they often do not get to make their own headlines.

That's another good point.

Spelling mistakes happen all the time, even with multiple editors. As long as the meaning isn't in question does it really matter unless there are many? Even the greats make mistakes from time to time. It's really no big deal and very picayune to call it "pathetic".

And yet, the extra "o" completely changes the meaning.

Only if you choose to ignore the context. The sentence is meaningless without it, so there can only be one meaning.

loose: verb, to set free, to unbind. synonym: release

What? The Bombers released Arjei Franklin? And the Lions released McCallum? That's crazy-talk!

Yes, I chooose to ignore the context that the article provides and focus solely on the headline.

I see lots of errors in newspapers too, probably the same stories there are lots of cut backs in that industry right now dont forget.

A recession and cutbacks in no way justifies people becoming functional illiterates.

It's an error, plain and simple. Is it pathetic or picayune? Not sure, but it is inexcusable to my mind.................a little more professionalism and a lot less sloppiness would be welcomed.

Hi Jack, I didn't know you were picayune. I thought you were Canadian. Sore with the eegles!

My personal favorite:

[b]Clermont did not register a catch[/b] and McKenzie was limited to a sack and a forced fumble that Saskatchewan recovered.

Most of the reporters were paying attention when Clermont got his first catch, and recieved a standing ovation from 30,000 people. That's something that most reporters would catch.

But not CFL reporters.