SpeedyB says he will play in 2021 but not 2020

I took the liberty of editing your post to more clearly reflect reality. BTW in answer to your question, playing football is not an essential job.


Neither are all the other sports leagues but those players have showed up and are doing their job. As a result the NHL playoffs are running successfully right now.

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Too bad. That's his chosen profession. If he only plays 6 games then he will earn one third of his salary for about 2 months work. That's about 65 grand for Speedy which is more than the average working stiff makes in an entire year.

As far as being isolated from family well there are all kinds of careers where that is normal. Miners, military, shipping, touring musicians just to name a few.

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Now Speedy's asking if he's a Free Agent. Completely going back on his word that he would play the 2021 season in Hamilton, at his current pay rate.
IMHO, any player that is claiming to be a Free Agent because of this is nothing more than a greedy nincompoop. Man up and honour your commitments.


Yep. Good riddance.

It is not quite as you put it. He does ask if he is a free agent (and he is according to the contract he signed IMHO), however he does say more. Certainly someone who does not look after number one tends to have many regrets in life.

"And still will honor the (cfl) contract I just want to kno am I a free agent because got a couple calls and Iā€™m getting older soooo


but if cfl ever come back I will definitely honor that contract !!!"


Yeah, Garney, what has Speedy done for us lately, besides being one of the most exciting players ever to wear black and gold? Not counting winning the MOP, a season or so after smashing his shoulder and playing with pins and braces, and then rupturing his abdomen during the Grey Cup, of course.:smirk:


Whatever. It doesn't appear he did it for the love of the game or loyalty to his teammates , only the scrilla.

Well, that's really only relevant for people who don't hate the team and everyone associated with it.

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Only the ones who turn their backs on it. And i love Masoli, just dont think he's that good.

Thank you for the example of an oxymoron.

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This does not sound like someone who has turned their backs on the team. In fact the last 6 words say something totally opposite to turning his back on the team.

Well if my boss told me I wasn't working for the rest of the year and not getting paid I'd be asking questions about my future too. You have to do something can't just sit and wait. I wish Speedy all the best and hope to see him back in 2021. I also hope he finds something to get him and his family through this.


Think the status of 2020 and 2021 contracts is not something that will be worked out on a player-by-player basis ... the CFL and CFLPA will have to come to some agreement (if they haven't already) to ensure consistent treatment of all players

Whatever happens, there have to be CBA negotiations for what to do with this year, and SEPARATE ones for next year and going forward. I completely disagree with the idea of all players being automatic free agents. I feel that if you are a person of your word, then you honour the agreement you made in good faith.


Agreed! This season is a write off and next year should resume where this off season left off. Simple.

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If 2020 is the last year in your contract then you are a free agent in 2021. You can't expect a player who was under contract for 2020 and didn't get paid to automatically stay under contract for 2021. Unless the CFLPA can come to some agreement with the players then each team will have to negotiate with their players. Given how poorly some players did in free agency last year and the fact that the teams may try to spend less next year it may not be in any players best interest to be a free agent. However I'm sure some may want to try. Players that are under contract for 2021 and beyond should still be under contract.


I simply don't agree with it. The League is still in business, due to factors beyond its control.
Every player will be a year older. Even if you don't play any contact sport, it's another year on your body.
What happens with the 2021 draft? There will be zero 5th-year players graduating, no USports football season, and a year of rust on developing players.
These are things that need to be discussed.

In looking at the CFL standard contract:

  1. The term of this contract shall be from the date of execution hereof until the 15th day of February following the close of the football season commencing in 19_____, subject however to the right of prior termination as specified herein.

Canadian Football League Standard Player Contract.docx (54.2 KB)

It would be much simpler if DCF were correct, but this is 2020, isn't it?

Wrong Hole

We can all have opinions ... but what will happen is either whatever the CFL & CFLPA work out or, in the absence of that, what a court says if a player sues for free agency.