SpeedyB says he will play in 2021 but not 2020

Speedy says he will shift his 2020 contract to 2021.
Well . I think this is actually good news as the CFL is doing nothing to move forward with Hub cities like all the other sports and 6 games is just not worth it for most American players.

If by chance, the CFL announces hub cities and a safe plan to return in September, then we could use Speedyb's contract money on CFL Free Agent Elite receiver Derrel Walker. I am sure Derrel would accept those terms.
These 2 guys along with Burnham are the league's elite receivers.

Speedy has no filter in his Brain-Mouth Interface. He has likely been given some horrible information from both his agent and the CFLPA, with the PA being the most egregious. IMHO, the PA won't be happy until all players are free agents, get 100% of their pay (for a 1/3 season) and get pay raises on top.


Not sure exactly how his cap number would work. Would the Cats suspend him freeing up the $$$s?

All parties are subject to the new CBA, with the CFLPA being it's normal obstructionist self.
IMHO, a new CBA will require an "opt-out" clause, with those opting out being subject to an automatic 1-year extension of their current contract (like what Speedy suggested). The issue is, I believe that teams should not be beholden to ANY payments to those who opt out for the remainder of the year. No bonuses. No pay. If they don't want to come back, too bad so sad - that's the reality of the world these days.


Great post DisplacedCatsFan :slight_smile:
I hope the league can get their act together soon and then choose a hub city and start training camp

But how could that be, when yesterday you said that "the CFL is doing nothing to move forward with Hub cities"?


Yeah ..like I said they were moving slow and I hope they got on top of things. They chose WPG today as a host pending a new CBA agreement, significant Federal financial assistance, and approval from public health officials.
There is some hope now but I am concerned how many players in the US will choose not to come for so little money. Unless they change the amount of games from 6 to say 12, I can see a lot of Americans "Banksing" out.

If they actually play I could see teams having to load up with a lot of new guys who don’t have NFL prospects at the moment who figure it might be worth coming up to make $20k just to get some game film. Would imagine starting rosters turned over 25-50 percent in some cases if the PA can work out a decent deal for vets to opt out. But I think a lot of starting QBs will stick around - that’s still a good chunk of money they would lose out on that they won’t have a hope in hell of replacing with any 9-5 job.

What puzzles me is that most teams have kept signing new training camp players well into May/June as if everything was all systems go. Wouldn’t you want to limit how many players you have to bring here, house, Feed, quarantine and test? They should lower training camp rosters to some type of max like 60-65 players and cut costs. In a six game season and maybe 3 game playoff you’re not going to need a huge practice squad or have to hide guys away in town on one game injured lists. Unless they figure enough guys will opt out to make the decision easy regardless.

Think they could just cancel any TC invitation, or even a contract, with 10 seconds notice ... or worse, ten seconds after the player arrives, so don't think there is any problem

The border closing and extension from month to month had a lot to do with it.

Always hoping the season would be a go.

The government needed to be transparent about border shutdown until this date and to reevaluate at that time.

Needed to pick a date that way the league could decide what the best course of action would be.

That's why at the start of this i kept asking the one pertinent question, Do the players expect to get paid for not playing?

Oh there are several pertinent questions . Personal safety comes to mind , followed by family safety for all players , management, officials, etc. .

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Unfortunately the league has been behind in organizing a plan, instead waiting on government assistance.

Should have used this year to cancel the season, plan for 2021.

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A couple of tweets, updating the situation for players, like Speedy, who chose to opt out if there is play this year:

CFL News

According to league source, players w/ safety concerns could decide against playing in 2020, without penalty. The league & @CFLPA continue to discuss amendments to the current collective bargaining agreement that could help facilitate a shortened season. -

CFL News

A CFL player opting out of a potential shortened season won't be paid, but could still hit free agency this winter if he's in the final year of his contract. -


From the CFLPA Propaganda Site: https://3downnation.com/2020/07/29/cfl-players-opting-out-of-2020-season-wont-be-paid-or-have-contract-status-affected-report/
I have to say that I am NOT in favour of those players UNDER CONTRACT getting away with this. IMHO, if you sign a contract, then YOU LIVE UP TO THE CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT!
If your contract stays "three years", then you PLAY three years; unless - and specifically - the contract is renegotiated in good faith.
Opting out, to me, means that you should still play out the remainder of the contract, no matter how much longer it will be. If you opt out, you don't get paid AT ALL, and you should honour your contract like a professional, and not a whiney brat...

The article doesn't say that three-year contracts (i.e. through to 2022) would be nullified - only that contracts ending after this season will still end as scheduled.

The CFLPA wants nothing but one-year contracts in order to drive up Free Agent salaries. They seem to be doing more negotiating in the media than with the League. I always thought that telephones worked both ways - you can answer a call, and you can DIAL a call.
If the contracts are extended, the players will have the comfort of KNOWING that they have an excellent opportunity to continue their employment at the agreed salary. They may not be offered the same amount if they become free agents.
If I were a pro football player, I would rather the near certainty of an extension over the uncertainty of free agency.

There has been speculation that the league is looking to lower the salary cap for 2021 and beyond to help them through the ongoing financial challenges.

If that happens, current contracts will guarantee the players absolutely nothing. A multi-year deal signed in good faith in 2020 can be cancelled by the team at any time if it is deemed too rich for the revised cap structure.

It's hard to demand that players honour their contracts for 2020 when the terms have changed dramatically and the league has no corresponding obligation to honour anything.

I think every player need to make a personal choice that he feels is right for him and his family. And I hope most of them choose to play in 2020.

for players health and safety, I hope they don't risk it by playing.

there's no way a bout of covid isn't going to rip through the league, just as it is with baseball, and I'm sure will happen with hockey and basketball.

Another union rep blathering in the media.
"Report and Pass" bonuses are for when you report and pass the team physical. Why would they be entitled to them if they don't report and pass?
"But we work out in the off-season" trying to claim that for a full-pay season for playing one-third of the games. The players have to remain in shape if they want to keep their jobs. Why should it be different now?