Speedy takes a paycut

$50K paycut

Ticats Brandon Banks takes pay cut with reworked deal
Posted on May 24, 2017 by Justin Dunk // 0 Comments

Hamilton Tiger-Cats return man Brandon Banks will arrive at Hamilton Tiger-Cats training camp with a new haircut.
Per sources, the diminutive Banks has agreed to a re-worked contract that will see him take a $50,000 pay cut in the final year of his deal. It includes a $77,000 base salary, a $20,000 signing bonus as well as an $18,000 housing allowance for $115,000 in “guaranteed? money. It also includes $15,500 in new performance incentives.

Under his original contract, Banks was due $122,000 in base salary in 2017, a $25,000 “report-and-pass? due at the start of training camp as well as $18,000 in housing for a total of $165,000 in “guaranteed? money. The deal also included incentives.

Banks made $140,000 in guaranteed money last season, a deal that was also reworked to include a hefty signing bonus in order help Banks resolve family support issues that were preventing him from crossing the border. Banks missed more than a week of training camp and was then suspended for two games in October for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Banks has been a divisional all-star the last three seasons and East’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player the last two years.[/i]

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/05/24/ticats-brandon-banks-takes-pay-cut-reworked-deal/]http://3downnation.com/2017/05/24/ticat ... rked-deal/[/url]

It's about bottom lines: for Management it's about money. And for us fans, it about keeping Banks. Two different sets of books, but the fans come out on top here. :thup:

Yet we are seeing rookie "O" line draft picks making almost as much.
Something wrong when teams are cutting salaries of talented players that the fans pay to watch but increasing salaries of the big unproven non-talent guys.

If you think kick returner is a more important position than o-line, you need to watch more football.

Missing 1 week of training camp + 2 game suspension for drug violation = PAYCUT

Not true at all… the 1st rounders last year signed for mostly between 72-78,000. Banks is making almost double what they are. The inflated salaries are due to the importance of having quality Canadian players.

I have a new fondness for Speedy. I always liked his talent, just didn't like his $$$.
Good common ground deal for all parties...Nice Work!

This is good news. Unfortunately Banks wasn't as productive last year and has been all but invisible in the offence since 2015 spare a few outlying plays - also the whole drug suspension wasn't a great look for either him or the team. Glad he was willing to take a pay cut to help the team out and stick around town for what is hopefully a Grey Cup run very soon.

But the point is we don’t have many “quality” Canadians, they are paying the big bucks to rookies in the non-talent position. Teams are mainly picking “O” linemen in the draft and then having to pay them $72 - $78k
A talented quality player can come in run a 4.2 40, have great hands and entertaining to watch but they pay them the minimum wage
The inflated salaries to Canadians are more to do with trying to maintain the Canadian ratio not a result of quality.
Teams are snapping up the non-talent unproven “O” linemen and starting them to meet the ratio and then using them to protect the talented imports.

I'd like to know more about how this went down. Was it a "take it or leave" club proposal? Or, a "Hey Speedy will you help us out" proposal? The real Speedy story isn't available to us just like it wasn't a year ago when it wasn't that he just didn't come to come here for training camp but rather that he couldn't come here, as in get across the border.

Yes it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall.
Speedy when he re-up'd with the team was at his peak value. A UFA, coming off an awesome season. I think most people thought it would be onward and upwards. Last year was a down season on pretty much every level for Speedy. In a world of non guaranteed contracts being overpaid for your production is not an option.

I'd love to hear you loudly assert your views among a group of the "non-talent" guys at a bar some night. You could enlighten them on the utter lack of skill required in their jobs.

Well, I asked and, not long after, I was answered:

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/05/25/speedys-pay-cut-means-ticats/]http://3downnation.com/2017/05/25/speed ... ns-ticats/[/url]

Thanks Drew.

Care to provide any examples of them paying big bucks to rookies? The Ticats have a ton of quality Canadians, guys like Butler, Stephen, Laurent, Atkinson, Daly, Fantuz, Bomben, Revenburg… the list goes on. The O Line is arguably the most important postion… teams are certainly not filling their lines with unproven rookies.

I said last year banks was overpaid for his position i was skewered for my opinion now austin agrees

Completely the right move to make, his production went down substantially last year, he had several off the field issues and the Ti-Cats are top heavy.

Keep also in mind, this isn't the same case when the Argos released Owens. Making an offer for less money is far more professional then just cutting a guy who has been nothing but loyal loose.

Agree blackandgold that Speedy was signed for more money after a strong season and the expectation probably was that that level of production would at least be duplicated. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Obrigardo - Based on last years production Banks probably was overpaid but that wasn't the situation when the contract offer was made. I don't think at the beginning of last season most fans would have considered Banks to be overpaid.

I am pleased that an agreement could be reached. I expect that some negotiation took place rather than a take it or leave it scenario. I know that Austin values Speedy for his talent but last years antics and lower production did need to be addressed.

It was disappointing, but happens sometimes in all sports.

When Vernon Wells resigned with the Blue Jays, many were thrilled. However, when the team traded him in 2014, they still owed some 86 million.

During that time, opinion soured on the player as he became less effective and the money caused a problem for Ricardi in making deals for Wells.

Banks' decreased production may have led to the salary restructuring of his latest contract. A player, who was at one time, the toast of the city.

However, careers in sports, like other professions, ebb and flow. It's not always an upward spiral.

As well, football, similar with other team games, the success of one player depends on the abilities of those around them. Particularly in the last couple of years, Hamilton has suffered from sub par special teams play and sustaining injuries to our starting quarterback, Zach Collaros.

These, I think, can be factors too in Brandon Banks' less than stellar numbers.

Let's hope for arcing figures on his stat sheet this season.

Even tho Speedy had an off year he still did this and more

My feeling on banks salary was that they were overpaying for the position not the man