Speedy Recovery Brandon!

Any word on Speedy?

He has a hurt shoulder

I’m assuming a broken collar bone or a separated shoulder…

Either way, he’s done for the year…

Rod Black said he had “shoulders injuries” what a fricking idiot.

OK Sink… time to get up, get in there and make a difference.

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#Ticats QB Jeremiah Masoli postgame on Brandon Banks, “That was a big loss for us, he’s our leader, our playmaker. He gives us a lot of emotion and we’re going to miss him. #CFL
Have you spoken to him?

How is he feeling?
“No comment?[/b]

We wish Speedy B Well and hope it’s a minor injury not a break or fracture of the shoulder bone.

Best case scenario - could be 4-6 weeks but I sure won't hold my breath on that. I suspect that he's done for the season.

I’m not optimistic but maybe he can heal up like Lulay… Hoping like heck!

He was really pumping up his team mates tonight. Making great blocks downfield. Speedy has totally turned around his attitude and will be missed. I look for him to motivate the players on the sidelines.

So, you’re saying … triumphant return just in time for the Grey Cup game?

Without Speedy, we won't get there.

Broken collarbone.

Ticats Brandon Banks suffers suspected fractured collarbone, likely done for the year

Such a bad injury Drew expects him to miss next next season too ....

Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Brandon Banks has suffered a suspected fractured collarbone andis expected tomiss the rest of the 2019 season, per sources.

This team’s is not very good without Banks. We can’t expect Sinkfield to come in and perform any where near his level and not knowing the playbook that well.
Other than Tasker we dont have much left at receiver. Mcdaniel and Lawrence have been under used and when passed to look out of synch. Buren looked a bit better today and Jones regressed. I say we invite chad owen back as he still has speed and had a look at our offence and he also knows the offence from his days at playing at the U of hawaii. I might start White over Green at rb just to see if he can fair any better against Ottawa. If not then we can always go back to Green

We’re not very good WITH Banks.

We are mediocre.

He also doesn’t know who Ottawa is playing in week 21. I’ll give you a hint Drew. It’s a bottom feeder team but it’s not Montreal.

Without Banks they’re even worse and like kelt doomed.

He will be sorely missed by all CFL fans

It's over. You lose the game and your best receiver. This team is cursed. Good things never happen in Hamilton. Hamilton is a good place to come to die at the end of your life. It's a good place to die. I'm so sick of this. It's always something. This team will not win without Banks. It's over. Stop kidding yourselves, like there's a chance. It's over. They went in there and blew the game and got their ice cream cone kicked clear out of their hands too. Get June Jones outta here at the end of the year would be a heck of a start.

Dr Drew with his negative comments in the past of Banks should keep his fake news to himself

Feel better and speedy recovery Brandon.