Speedy Receivers

The 40 yard dash is very important for receivers right? Or is it?

Do receivers really need to be fast in our offence? All we ever do is run short out routes. We don’t throw the ball long. We throw the ball 60 yards sideways for 3-5 yard gains. So why bother having a Brock Ralph, Jesse Armstead, or even Chris Bauman who can go deep if we aren’t testing the defence deep?

I agree we need to test oppossing defences deep more often. No sense in always throwing short anymore, as this is what opponents have come to expect.

It's hard to test defences when the QB has less than 4 seconds to throw the ball.
No matter what QB we had, or what playbook we had it would not work right now with the O-line we currently have.

Even P.Manning and the Colts Offensive playbook wouldn't work right now. LoL.

I know the protection is bad. But I just really hate the system we have. It's garbage. All these bloody short passes. It didn't work with Baresi. It didn't work with Paopao. And it doesn't work now. We need a new gameplan.

It certainly won't work if you don't try it. Try it and try it again and again. It would certainly change the way the defence approaches our offence and would probably open up the short game a little... Surely our guys can give the QB enough time once in a while....

I totally agree with you, and I hate seeing these things too, and keep saying we need to go deep etc etc.
And I think we will eventually see this happen once the coaches see that the QB has enough time to do so.
And with the past 3 offensive coaches we've had, we;ve also have had alot of changes on the O-line to go along with it. So it hards for them to gel. And i know we hear this excusem but I totally agree with it.

we will need quick receievrs now.. printers isnt scared to throw the ball deep. he just needs to find the confidence in our guys to get under the ball

The playbook is the property of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

When we hire our OC...the contract clearly states...
I think it's in Part II, Section iii clause a)

"The bearer of this leaflet must adhere to the strict offensive schemes contained herein. Failure to abide by the simplistic nature of said leaflet will result in your dismissal"

Copyright Hamilton Tiger Cat Football Club 1953.

There ya have it.

The O-line is the problem. All the opposing Defense has to do is blitz, which either has 2 outcomes:

Casey getting sacked or Casey throwing an Interception or Incomplete because he has to get rid of it.

The rebuilding of the Ti-Cats starts with the Offensive line.