Speedy officially re-signed

1 year contract


Banks posted career receiving highs in catches (67), yards (1,011) and touchdowns (eight). Speedy B had 52 yards before Labour Day and 959 in 10 games after.
“Brandon has been a game-changer on special teams and one of the premier playmakers in the Canadian Football League since his arrival in 2013,? Hamilton headcoach June Jones said in a statement. “Last season, he also transformed into an explosive every-down receiver in our offence and we’re thrilled to have him back as a starter in 2018.?
Last season, Banks became just the eighth player in CFL history to record five consecutive 100-yard receiving games from September 30 versus Toronto to October 27 at Ottawa.

Heading down to put my money where my mouth is again an buy my daughter the jersey shen didnt get for Christmas! B16B ;D ;D

Just a 1-year deal for Speedy.
I think the smarter player agents would be advising 1-year deals and recommending not signing a contract for beyond this season. The league's SMS cap increases by just under 1% for 2018 and the 5-year CBA expires in early February a year from now. Between the final year (2013,) of the previous CBA, and the first (2014) of the current agreement the cap increased by over 13.6%. If I was player signing a contract now that covers the 2019 season, I'd be wanting a clause calling for a percentage increase on the 2019, agreed upon, salary equivalent to the percentage increase in the SMS cap for that season.

wow I’m so happy

Hey, Ti-Cats wake up.

One year deal to me says he making it clear if he gets jerked around, his time here will be short one way or another. The team also might feel the same way with his previous substance abuse and personal issues. Regardless, I think it's a clear message thathe'll happily test the market after the CBA expires if it comes to that.

Hopefully we get the last half of season Banks instead of the 1st half season Banks, whom seemed to care “ not one ounce?. I suspect Speedy will be driven this coming year.

So Speedy re-signed.... Austin, assumably signed the contract, (and was in all the photo-ops with him at the presser)

Where's Drew Edwards defending his garbage article now?

Bob Young's assessment of Edwards' article (which Young later apologized to Edwards for) was accurate: the criticisms of Austin were generated by a few malcontent players (obviously not Banks), and were believed by a naïve reporter.

Edwards has fallen into the "click bait" trap of modern reporting...write something controversial that Internet goers will click on to increase traffic to your site (ex. 3DownNation).

I wonder how many people would click on Edwards' stories if he was shifted to covering municipal politics?

The truth of the matter is no matter who writes the stories about the Ticats, Ticat fans will click on them, because we are fans of the club. A lot of the fans on Ticats.ca write better stuff on these message boards than Edwards writes in the Spectator, IMO.

I wonder if the one year contract also has something to do with Vince McMahon and his rumored XFL II ...

Are we about to be presented with the XFL 2.0?
World Wrestling Entertainment chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has filed to sell $100 million worth of shares in the company,according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.
McMahon’s intentions with the money are “primarily to fund a separate entity from the Company, Alpha Entertainment LLC, which Mr. McMahon established to explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscapes, including professional football.?

Fans of the original XFL will be giddy with the news that McMahon has also filed for five trademarks.

;D Goody goody, Speedy is back I don't have to sell the farm. ;D

I don't think you will see many multi-season contracts this year due to the CBA deal expiring. It's the smartest thing to do, from a player's perspective...

As a fan Banks has maxed out my ability to ignore his griping and various indiscretions. Be a productive professional without all the rubbish, please.

Ha, funny that I was at the same point with Speedy. Then he went on his tear receiving like he was the top WR in the league and i was back to saying that is Speedy being Speedy our lovable undersized fiery superstar.
Kind of like the GF in high school. You could put up with more BS if she was cute....OK, my bad!

The 1 year deal is also good for Hamilton, if last year was just a fluke then we are not stuck with a long term contract. Now that the teams know about him they will prepare for him better.

No, teams are never "stuck" with a long term contract: players can be released at any time. The only upside to a short contract for the team is if the player has short-term leverage and the team thinks they'll be able to re-sign him for less on his next contract.

Nobody is ever stuck with a long term contract in the CFL. Every one of them benefit the team and not the player.

If that were true, why would any player ever sign a contract? The players must get some benefit. Conversely, the team must get some benefit as well.

It would seem that they players must value the $$$ they get more than the energy they have to expend to play the game. Otherwise they wouldn't enter into the trade. (of $$ for energy or time or whatever) And, conversely, the team must value the effort the players give more than the $$$ they have to pay them or the team wouldn't enter into the trade either.

Seems like a win-win to me. Each side trades something they value less for something they value more.

In the past GMs have overbid on players offering them longer deals only to cut them after 1 year of subpar performance (in relation to the contract) or ask them to renegotiate.

If you offer a player 150k on a 1 year deal in free agency that player may not want to leave their current situation. Offer it on a 3 year deal and all of the sudden the player sees it as a better deal and may take it. After year 1 the team tells the player to take a pay cut or get released.

Happens all the time.

That's one of the reasons you're starting to see 1 year deals and a fantasy football mentality in the CFL now. Players above the minimum generally bet on themselves to perform and get more money next year, don't perform and expect a pay reduction.

With the next CBA the players really need to fight for some sort of guarantee in a contract, even 30% - something that will keep GM's honest when negotiating.

With the next CBA the players really need to fight for some sort of guarantee in a contract, even 30% - [b]something that will keep GM's honest when negotiating[/b].
Are any of the issues you noted hidden from the players or GMs prior to entering into a contract or negotiation? What makes you think that GMs are dishonest or acting in bad faith? Do you have any proof of this? As per the current Ontario min. wage hike issue confirms, any interference in the private negotiations between parties by a non-party actor results in negative outcomes for those the interference is intended to protect. (i.e. Just as a high min. wage is a disadvantage to low skilled, low education, low work experience workers, [you know, the folks that really could use a job. Any job to get their foot into the working world and guaranteeing an opportunity to advance they otherwise wouldn't have had], contract offers in the CFL under your suggested guarantee will be lowered to off-set the risk of guarantee in the CBA).

That is leaving out the fact that by putting in a guarantee, a player who is released for poor-performance will have to continue to get paid, even if they never play a down for the team. How can the team be saddled with this burden when in many cases they cannot know how well a player will perform for them prior to signing that player? Or maybe, teams will take steps to relegate a player to the practice squad or some similar situation until the term of the guarantee has expired, thereby getting some value for their 30%, rather than an outright release to the player that allows them to catch on to another team that may want them.

I think you should reconsider your position on this. Your solution hurts everyone; the team, the players and ultimately the fans by the lower quality product that will result.