Speedy B's X-Ray

Speedy is carrying so much steel, Trump is going to put a tariff on him! :wink:

Man! I’m no doctor but I don’t see that shoulder being ready for no 2018 Grey Cup!!

That bone looks like it broke in at least a couple of places. :o

So much for the team guarding his injury status. ;D
We’ll just call it an upper body injury.

Speedy should be fully recovered by May

Surgery to fix a broken Clavicle: Fixation or ORIF (Open Reduction Internal Fixation): In this surgery, the skin is cut and the collarbone is repositioned to back to where it should be and then held in position with screws and a plate. Your surgeon will ask you to where a sling to support the arm after surgery, usually for 3-6 weeks. The plate and screws do not need to be removed, but occasionally, patients find the plate bothersome under the skin. If this is the case, the plate and screws can be removed after the fracture has healed, usually at least 6 months after the break. This operation is performed in the operating room most commonly under general anesthesia. The surgery usually takes between 45-90 min. Usually, this operation is done as daycare surgery, where you go home the same day as the surgery.

What to expect during healing of a Clavicle Fracture: While the bone heals usually within 2-3 months, recovery takes much longer. Typically most of the recovery is completed by 3-5 months. Some stiffness in the shoulder can happen after these injuries, but usually resolves by 6 months after the injury. Sometimes, the clavicle fracture does not heal. This can happen with fractures that were treated with surgery or without. Surgery may occasionally be needed for fractures that do not heal.