Speedy Banks tests positive

I guess thats why they call him"Speedy"

Banks tested positive for Methylenedioxyamphetamine.


“The Hamilton Tiger-Cats fully endorse the Canadian Football League’s joint drug testing/substance abuse policy with the CFLPA, and we’re very disappointed to learn of Brandon’s violation. He has acknowledged his error in judgment and is now being held accountable for his actions. We support Brandon as an organization and will help him by any means possible to continue to grow as a football player and person off the field. We fully expect him to play at a high level when he returns to the lineup after serving his two-game suspension.?

WTF!!!! YOU FREAKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MDA, the "love drug"? I don't think that enhances performance "on the field", does it?

What a disappointment...

Can anyone find a list of the CFL's banned substances?
Back in the day, MDA was used for enhancing one's sexual experience... :smiley:

This team is in total disarray going down the shi**er real fast.... This is looking like a lost season:( speedy a fan favorite to our youngest fans , very disappointing indeed

Insert Kendial Lawrence here.
On the roster

Insert Speedy here
A bus ticket out of town

Meh, so what? Banks has done nothing in weeks. I'll be happy to watch a game where our returner isn't losing yards on a return.

It's a drug to get you high and not a "performance enhancing" drug. That's why I thought it was a joke when the statement from the Ticats was: - "We fully expect him to play at a HIGH level when he returns to the lineup after serving his two-game suspension".

Not sure how to upload images. Hopefully this works. Otherwise it can be found here ... https://media.cfldb.ca/documents/cfl-cf ... t-2014.pdf ... almost at the very end of the document. Page 172 I think.

Combination of big paycheque, slipping performance (lately), capable replacement already in town, positive drug test, plus whatever happened back in training camp … doesn’t seem to help his chances of staying for the long term.

Thanks for locating that list. So, I guess that means that the more powerful MDMA (Ecstasy), which is methylene-dioxy-meth-amphetamine, is not considered performing-enhancing drug, but MDA (methylene-dioxy-amphetamine) is? That's F'd up...

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 2m2 minutes ago
Brandon Banks has known for two weeks that he had tested positive #cfl #ticats

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 2m2 minutes ago
Brandon Banks says he knew of his failed drug for "weeks" Spoke to the team this morning, says he let down his teammates. #Ticats #CFL

Judging by the last few words of his public statement, he's still high:

“My mistake has not only hurt my team, but my family and friends, and for that I am extremely sorry. I will work very hard over the next two weeks to prepare myself both mentally and physically to return to the field and contribute to bringing a Grey Cup championship back to the city of Hamilton.?

Or, maybe he's thinking of some future year.

I'll add ... that list may be a little out of date. It gets updated every six months IIRC. I do believe both MDMA & MDA are banned substances.

Too bad this wasn't a few weeks ago. They could've released him and used some money to entice Sinkfield a little more. He has been rather disappointing as of late.

no in fact it probably explains why his returns are so soft lately.. jogs for 10 yards and falls down. Where the speedy B we fell in love with, that hit the hole with no fear and blew by everyone

Let's be honest, based on his play this season he is extremely over-rated and won't amount to much of a loss. 2 weeks, a year... whatever. It's not like he's playing like he used to. He's just been off all season long. Between his pre-season issues, and now this, his priorities seem to be elsewhere. His play certainly reflects that.

Whoopee poo. He will be back. And just because he has not returned on for a while ,he is still getting out to at least the 40.

I agree. It is a far different offence when we start at our 10 yard line compared to the 50 or 55! When he can bust a 40 yards return he is still a valuable returner, although, having said that, the east-west dipsy doodles for 10 yards does frustrate me.

And judging by recent weeks, at least we know that 'MDA' doesn't appear to have the side effect of causing 'four or more hours' of stimulation that some of the other enhancement drugs do? Cheap shot :smiley:

Look, anyone who expects sincerity from these canned apologies that are released these days, whether it's by football players, politicians, or whoever, is deluded.

It's strictly PR, & largely meaningless.