Speedy back for 2 more years

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Great news!!

Kick ass time. ;D ;D ;D

He’s the best player in the league, IMO.

Excellent news. (and people were worried?)

Nice. Was expecting lots of negotiating thru twitter. 3downnation won’t agree but less drama around here the better.

Great News !
Anyone know how much he signed for ? My guess. would be around 250 k per year

Agreed. Shocked he didn’t test the market.

He’s been here a long time. Sometimes teammates, friends, camaraderie and an adoring fanbase are more important than a few extra grand.

Unless a certain person is coach. Then all that means nothing.

What exactly do we have to go on in regards to Austin “losing the room”?

Banks wants to get paid and he wants the ball. …
If he got the money and was convinced another QB and OC could get him the ball to reach performance bonuses he would walk.
In five minutes.

The whole league saw what he could do and every competing GM would have rolled out the red carpet and promised him “the ball”.

It would have had to have been a significant pay raise for him to leave the familiarity of the Hammer.

Excellent news! When June Jones moved him to the WR position I wondered WTF was he thinking. But it turned out the best for Speedy and the team. I guess that’s why I park my butt in the stands and watch. :slight_smile:

Banks has re-signed with the Cats at least three times, and also took a pay cut once when forced to do so.

Not sure what else a guy would have to do to prove his loyalty. Especially in this era, when the word has practically ceased to exist.

If he stays healthy for the next two years his numbers should entrench him among the all-time greatest Tiger-Cats.

No way would he get the ball as much as he does here.

great news

I agree. He is a team leader on and off the field. Never has given any reason to doubt his loyalty.

Also looking around the league Hamilton is a very attractive option right now.
With 4 (Maybe 5 if you count B.C.) #1 QBs FAs Hamilton is by far the best destination for any receiver.
Winnipeg, Montreal, Sask are the only other 3 teams settled at QB and none have +QBs in place.

Not so sure there’s a lot of opportunity left for new recruits.

Just imagine the line-up of Banks, Tasker, Saunders, Addison and [plug in NAT receiver]. Who do you focus on as a defence?

I know we had most of these guys to start 2018 and didn’t exactly go undefeated, but I really think Addison is an important upgrade, as we saw at the end of last year. If Mike Jones comes back, all the better.

Quality defenses had little or no trouble shutting down that offense all or in part all year.
It’s not a knock on the players. It’s the system.
A system and its champion the franchise has hitched its wagon to for another year.

I’d like to see at least one WR/slot starter, and maybe a couple of back-ups, in the 6 foot tall and 200 pound range. Even with CFL pass coverage, it wouldn’t hurt to have some receivers with size and weight.