If you haven't watched his 2015 highlight video.. Here yah go.


We luv you SPEEDY!

Little Speedy, Priceless

At the beginning of the year, Speedy called himself the toughest player in the CFL. After his TD catch when he bounced off the goal post and held onto the ball, I believe him.

We've got to keep him healthy for the playoffs.

When you look the top receivers and passers, and consider the number of games played for each,

Speedy ....

and Jeremiah .....

are both #1 in the league.

It's too bad that only one of them, can be chosen by the local FRC members, along with Coach Jones, as the team's MOP. Either way, a TiCat should be this year's finalist from the East.

Masoli is 350 yds behind Reilly with a game in hand. Masoli is clearly 2nd.

As for the East MOP you could easily make a case for Powell or Harris, it will likely be decided in the next 2 games.

Well being that they're almost the same size anyway maybe we can dress "Little B" for the final game of the season and give pops a rest . Believe me Sherman and Reed are so dense and clueless and Montreal so bad that it probably won't make a difference . ;D

Powell maybe , Harris no .

He has 100 yds less than Masoli with an 18-11 TD/INT ratio. If Masoli is in the conversation how can Harris not be?

If they win out and get to 11-7 Harris isn't the MOP for the East?

I did the math. Masoli averages 2.6 yards less per game than Reilly does. If that holds Reilly will end the season 47 yards more than Masoli.

Lots of stat crunching in this thread! One of the best, if not the best receiver we've ever had. Very intelligent football mind if you listen too him talk football. I think he will make a great coach one day. Lets hope we can ride him to the GC.

Garney Henley (yes, I know he was primarily a DB)
Tony Champion
Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name)
Rocky DiPietro
Darren Flutie

He has an outside chance at the Ticats single season receiving record of 1656 (currently at 1290). He's definitely having a top 3 Ticat All time season. Needs a few more to break the top 3 all time receiver club imo.

Scary thing is with Speedy is, he's still getting better too!

With the season he’s had, will he get back the money he had to give up when the team asked him to take a pay cut a season ago

He was a pending free agent after last season, and his re-signing with us was announced in January 2018. He had already lit up the 2nd half of 2017 under June Jones before he signed his latest contract.

You're correct, Crash. I misread Reilly's passing yards total as being just 50 ahead of Masoli.
Nevertheless, it's a pretty close 2nd for our guy, having the game in hand to close that 350 yd. gap.

Adjectives to describe speedy b....




We are 5 and 2 in our last 7 games

Those 2 losses were when Speedy was out of the lineup. 8)

Every time I think about that BC game I get the chills and the urge to kick something