Speedy B, welcome to Gizmo's world.

As much as I think the call was the right call, I can understand Brandon’s disappointment and I do feel his pain. He should take some comfort in knowing he is in very good company. The greatest kick returner of all time had more TD’s brought back by penalty than the nearest competition had in total.

If Banks can take comfort in anything, it is that he is breathing rarified air if he can share a spot on a pedestal with “the Great Gizmo”

I look forward to many electric moments, just not against the Eskimos. Please don’t leave for the NFL, the CFL needs excitement like you are providing!

I am a fan! :cowboy:

Gizmo ( and Blake Marshall ) were the reasonI followed the Eskies/ CFL..

as much as wouldn't want Speedy B to join another CFL team I to would hate to lose him to the NFL :cry:

Hes already used up all of his NFLcheap years and now needs to be paid 750K/year. After the NFL more or less eliminated kickoffs, that is too big of a hit to take on your cap for what are esentially punt returners, unless they can contribute on offence as well...The NFL will only use rookies and second year players on returns no matter how good they are.It just isnt worth the cap hit and you can save 500 grand and bring in someone else who may be able one day to contribute to offense.
He was warned in 2012 that he had to make an impact on offence. He never, so he's gone. He's in the CFL to stay.

Banks ran back four punts for TDs in two games, with two being called back for infractions that arguably were not responsible for springing him. He racked up approximately 500 total yards (including offensive production), and was two penalty flags away from over 650 yards in two games.

Very close to being the most spectacular performance by a returner in a single post-season in the entire history of professional football.

(I can't back that up in the slightest - I just figure it's gotta be true.)

so what NFL team is going to bring up a 28 year old kick returner that they have to pay 750K? He would be a 4th year player.

[url=http://www.spotrac.com/blog/nfl-minimum-salaries-veteran-discounts/]http://www.spotrac.com/blog/nfl-minimum ... discounts/[/url]