Speedy B is back! Banks signs in Hamilton through 2017

Brandon Banks is back in the Hammer

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HAMILTON – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed international kick returner/receiver Brandon Banks to a new contract that will keep him in Hamilton through the 2017 season.

Banks, a 5-7, 153-pound native of Garner, North Carolina, led the CFL in combined yards (1,968), punt return yards (618) and ranked third in kick return yards (701) en route to earning his first career CFL All-Star nod last season.

On the offensive side of the ball, Banks hauled in 42 receptions for 529 yards and was tied for the team lead in receiving touchdowns with five, while adding 97 rushing yards in 14 games.

The 27-year old elusive return man and offensive threat also set a new CFL record for punt return yards in a playoff game with 226 yards in the Tiger-Cats thrilling 40-26 victory over the Montreal Alouettes in the 2014 Eastern Final. Banks also tied the CFL playoff record for punt return touchdowns in a playoff game (2) on the same day, as he returned punts of 88 and 93 yards for scores.

“Brandon is one of the premiere playmakers in the league with the ability to change the game every time he touches the ball.? said Ticats General Manager and Head Coach Kent Austin. “We are extremely happy that he will be with our team for the next three years.?

WELCOME BACK SPEEDY "B" :rockin: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley: :thup: :thup: :cowboy: :cowboy:


Bad news for Ottawa, they were trying to sign him. So far it looks like all the "free agents" are returning to their old teams, I wonder if there is some type of collusion between teams to not sign someone else's free agents.

Look out rest of the league for the next few years! :thup:

Any rumours as to how much he is making?

Its the Ottawa factor.

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Wish I could respond to every one but again thanks a lot now let get better and win this cup

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You do realize that the free agency window has not opened yet?

Hate to say it, but players are resigning because it's very clear there is a good chance the team can win the cup if it sticks together in Hamilton. We have a brand new facility, a revived fanbase who appreciates the team (unlike Toronto or to an extent Montreal now), we're the closet city to the US border if you are going to drive back home, it's cheap to live in the city on a temp basis, but still has luxury if you can afford it on the mountain or in Burlington and you have one of the best coaches in the CFL.

Contrast this to Ottawa, where you have a similar off field situation, but on the field you have a rookie head coach, a GM with a history of incompetence (he practically sabotaged the Ti-Cats when he was with us), you have a limited number of veterans and you have a much costlier city to live in.

Anyways, glad we got both Speedy B and Tasker back. What we need now are two DBs capable of covering Fred Stamps and SJ Green.

Signing Banks had to be the number 1 priority. Now that he has honed his receiver skills he is arguably the best scoring threat in the CFL. All that comes at a price. Now that the price has been paid the dominoes can fall for other priorities. Problem is there are just 5 days left before they hit the market. As well there may have to be some tough choices to make.
In no particular order.

Justin Hickman DE who wants to be in Hamilton but he is also a big commodity so he can not be undercut.
Taylor Reed MLB After his rookie season as an undrafted FA made it to final cuts with the Cowboys. Then in October 3 PR rosters Bombers, Cowboys, and Patriots. 2014 did not sign until June 27th missing all of TC. Within a month he was the starting MLB over Bowman and Plesius. Winnipeg in need of a MLB likely has interest and the cash. Bowman would be then the focus

Bakari Grant There is Fantuz and the quick rise of Tasker and then comes Grant as importance for the receiving group. 6'4" fast. started 17 games in both '13 and '14 and among the leading receivers.

Nic Grigsby Ti Cats had almost no running game for two seasons until the late signing of Grigsby. Not the type of RB that Austin has been seeking but realizing that they needed a run game Grigsby provided that. He does not and will probably never be the blocker Austin likes so I could be very wrong. Austin May beleive that Madu or Ojur who was brought along slowly posses the running skills needed in a two back system with Gable. Or if he already has his eye on another back.

Likely seals the deal that Giguere will not be returning. Always been speculated he would want to go closer to home in Montreal and Ottawa also an option. With Austin as coach two Grey Cups and a big part of the offense (unlike with Cortez) he may want to be in Hamilton. Montreal likely has the money put aside for him and will give them a starting National Receiver and Ottawa for sure has the cash.

As well Austin loves Ellingson but with Koch under contract and Tasker surpassing him last season and with Fantuz 3 possession type receivers leaves no room for Ellingson. My speculation is that Ottawa will sign him re uniting he and Burris and his 800 yard 2013 season. Ottawa will be able to pay and play him more than Hamilton.

Austin not afraid to go shopping in the FA market either for a need for a less expensive National receiver or needs with National Olineman or LT. Or a new import RB

Banks likely would have been a tough for Ottawa to get. However Hamilton has a couple of receivers that are in reach for Hamilton. Do to the cost to sign Banks and Tasker. Ellingson has become expendable Ottawa can offer him more money and more playing time for sure. 2013 he and Burris connected for over 800 yards. Giguere may have changed his mind about wanting to stay in Hamilton after Austin and two GC appearances. Likely he will not remotely be able to be paid what Ottawa can. Montreal has always been his speculated destination and likely have the money set aside for him as well.
Ellingson is in his prime and can grow with Ottawa. Giguere is a bit older but is a physical specimen. As well he spent 4 seasons in the NFL in Training camps and practice roster, so he does not have the were and tear on his body.

Well knock one of those off the list, the scratching post, the Hamilton Spectator's insider blog posted this.


I'm hearing that a new deal between the Ticats and linebacker Taylor Reed is all but complete, meaning the team has inked another pending free agent. Reed started 15 games after signing as a free agent on June 27 registered 62 defensive tackles, five special teams tackles, two tackles for a loss, eight quarterback sacks, one fumble recovery, one forced fumble and an interception. He arrived late, improved as he figured things out and should be in even better in year two.
Anyways, Hickman will likely resign, given he said he wants to stay in Hamilton and not browse the CFL market (and seems to be stepping back from the NFL). Grigsby...yeah could go either way really. I think it's CJ Gable's position to lose as to me he seems to be the superior blocker, but you never know what an injury can do to a guy. I think there is good odds that someone gets cut at camp.

As far as receivers, I have little doubt Giguere is going to Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal or Ottawa. Montreal and Ottawa is closer to home (Ottawa will also overpay for him) and Calgary and Edmonton is where I believe Canada's national bobsleigh team is based out of Calgary. Grant or Ellingson...well if we lose one, the other makes it into the lineup. Simple as that. I want us to keep both, but it might not be a reality.

yea I caught that signing of Reed after I posted.
I agree Hickman is next. To be far they will have to give him full Market value which would chop off even more dollars in attempt to sign yet another player. Hickman secures almost the entire defense with the exception of Breuax.
Intersting take on Giguere possibly looking west where the Bobsleigh team training based in Calgary. He would fit in EDM being a beast and able to be the blocking receiver they like. Not a position they are really in need of with Coehorn and now Chambers arriving as upper level National rec. Bailly will well be on his way. Foster as well has been there but seems to be odd man out 1st in BC and now in EDM.
Calgary standing to lose both Bryant and Jones. In interview with GM they beleive Lavertu is ready to step in at Center. giguere could be willing to take a little less to be in Calgary as training at the Bobsleigh facility would cover a lot of cost in the off season.
Giguere is the big prize at National receiver would/could dictate Sinopoli and Watts options.
Austin is not afraid to wheel and deal. Losing Giguere he may be looking for another more experienced National REc. As well he needs a real FB/TE.

Great to see Banks stay, just wish he was on my team! :cowboy:

Agreed. :slight_smile:

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Right. It's not quite was jim describes, I don't think. I think it's just knowing that one team out there may have significantly more negotiating room than the rest, so teams know they had better get to signing their own guys ASAP.

If that's the case (and I can't prove it) so much for the claims that Burris is crippling their cap space.

I say its the Burris effect... Why would you sign with a team with that overpayed blowhard on it... Ottawa is making a HUGE mistake not cutting him this offseason..To completely go off topic, and to try to getvoid a slander lawsuit. Why are Burris's eyes always so blood shot? .. I know the league does testing now, but it is very limited and I still think the CFL has a huge amount of players who get away with it.. I'm not saying Burris is on the juice, because I don't have enough money to be sued, but it really makes you wonder why he was so brutal last season. He also had receivers who could not catch a football of their lives depended on it,but Burris was truly awful and it was like he lost all of his skill in just one year... Much like Tiger Woods, the balding and the injuries all lead to symptoms of prolonged abuse.

Another one who can't let go. Gadzooks.

Desjardins has just over two years with this team now, which I believe is already more than he spent with the Tiger-Cats. Whether you think every move he's made with this team is a great one or not, do you, at some point, maybe acknowledge that he's not handling affairs the same way?

Do you also really believe that players who may not even have been in the league at that time are going to think about signing in Ottawa and think "I don't know, though...Desjardins made some pretty dumb moves in 2007". Come on, now...

That you believe that reinforces my belief that they're right to keep him. :wink: