I understand what you are saying, and I don't want to throw Speedy under the bus. But the great players make everyone around them look good, the good players have to have great players around them to look great. Just saying Speedy is a good player who can look great when given the players and schemes. I think that is the point of a lot of these posts. How many of his big returns were called back because it was an illegal block or a hold, and not his talent, that sprung him? And then his biggest supporters go on rants about how the refs or the league are out to get him for various unexplained reasons.

Speedy is an asset, can be a huge game changer, and makes a valuable contribution to most games with his speed on both offence and STs. He has sure hands on kick/punt returns. But, in watching the games, I don't think the other teams are terribly worried about him any more, and seem to have been able to contain him in most games this year. I wouldn't cut him, but might trade him if I felt I had a suitable replacement coming along.

Dr Kay needs a head doctor. He suggesting that Banks need to go is like............ I won't even bother. The Dr won't get it anyway.

Yes Banks loses yards now and then but is trying his best to break one. Most of the time there is good defensive special teams coverage but now and again he breaks loose. Rather have him on our team than someone else's!

I'd keep him. He's an excellent return man and a good offensive threat. I don't expect him to get a TD every game. But he's a threat to do so. Of course the degree of the threat is reduced when blockers are injured and replacements aren't as skilled or as up to speed on schemes. And of course other teams are getting better at defending against him... If they weren't they'd have to be pretty dumb. The notion that the refs are out to get him is nonsense.

Is he perfect? Of course not. Is he a talented player? Absolutely. Would I trade him? Probably not. As for attitude, would I prefer to have Chris Williams on my team? No way.

Banks still leads the league in K/P return TDs with 3. Nobody else has more than two. There are years where there are abnormally high numbers of K/P return touchdowns, and years where there are fewer. This year, is one of the leaner years for return touchdowns...

I'd rather use Kendial Lawrence for returns & to back up Gable. Kills 2 birds. Use him as a SB too in special packages.

In my opinion, Kendiall Lawrence is not in game shape. Two games ago, a kicker missed a field goal, and Lawrence ran it out of the end zone. All the blocks and lanes were perfect, but he ran out of gas. Banks would have ran the entire field easily on that play.


We had the same issue with Logan earlier in the year because of bad blocking. Kavis fixed that and Logan took off like a rocket.

Banks is a great talent. Don't give up on him. As another poster said, all will be forgiven if he takes one to the house in the playoffs...

Or Lost 6 yards running east/west instead of north/south :slight_smile:

And if anyone would know about how dangerous Speedy can be in a playoff game it would be an Alouette fan.
FLASHBACK to the Eastern Final 2014 : Speedy takes not 1 but 2 to the house that day (actually 3 but 1 was called back on a penalty) Let's face it here , you take Banks out of that game and we could've very easily been watching a Grey Cup between the Alouettes and the Stamps that year. How soon we all forget that Speedy was a one man wrecking ball that day and the next week in the Cup we came a penalty away from maybe actually winning it all , and why was that ? well I think we all know the answer to that question...........SPEEDY "B" :slight_smile:

just to refresh a few memories for some out there about just how much of a game changer Speedy "B" was in that 2014 East Final that day : :smiley: :rockin:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/news/brandon-banks-returns-2-punts-for-tds-to-lead-ticats-back-to-grey-cup-1.2846805]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/ ... -1.2846805[/url]

We we're only up by 6 in that 2014 East Final with about 4:00 minutes to go when Banks sealed the deal that day with this incredible return sending the Als home and us onto the Cup for a second straight year. :smiley: :rockin:


Agreed, Speedy B is a great player and a keeper, he can make the difference in a regular season or playoff game with one kick or punt return for a TD or great catch and run as a WR.

The Tiger-Cats woes this year are certainly not on one player, this is a team game and every player and coach has a responsibility when it comes to winning games and once again the high amount of injuries have not helped at all.

The 2016 Cats have nine lives and will need them all if they are going to go anywhere in the playoffs this year. Will wait and see it all starts against Edmonton.


Kick Return TD Stats - (Regular Season)

2013 = 21
2014 = 17
2015 = 13
2016 = 14

BIG PLAY P/K/MFG Returns (Regular Season except 2016 which is only 19 weeks)
2013 = 64
2014 = 75
2015 = 73
2016 = 102 (With the final weekend not yet accounted)

*BIG Play Kick Returns = +30 yards for Punt & Missed FG Returns. +40 yards for K/O Returns.