I'm tired of Banks. The whole league is on to him and covers his angles. Not only does he routinely lose yards on punt returns, his body language, blaming other players, dropped passes, lack of ball security and recent drug suspension makes me want him to be GONE. See you later! Good luck on another team!

He's not an elite player, and he proved it today vs the Als. But he acts like he's a superstar. Good riddance. I'd rather have a solid return man that gets 5-10 yards per return instead of Banks, who returns one every now and then but losses yards on most punts.

What's with his attitude? Get rid of him.

Did you happen to notice that most of the time there were 5 or 6 Montreal players around him with not one Ticat having blocked anyone. Nobody knocked over. Pathetic special teams. It's not all on Banks. Yes he did drop a pass and Woods would have taken his head off had he caught it.

DrKays post is so bad that it actually made me agree with lenny.

so, Banks has been good, netting positive yards, hasn’t done illegal drugs, hasn’t been sulking after plays, hasn’t been dropping passes?

you’re delusional

I am delusional but that doesnt make you right.

Banks isnt even a starting wr or apparently starting second string wr lol so he drops a pass or 3 big deal.

Like Lenny said You should be focused on the blocking.

I do however agree Id also like to see a more positive attitude but hes frustrated clearly in himself and probably the blockers infront of him.

Holy smokes!!! :rockin:

Have to agree with that! injuries have taken a toll not only on offense and defense but also on STs as some of those injured players (and some of their injured backups) are key STs players. Also Plesius, one of the key STs guys, sat out today’s game.
That being said, ST blocking hasn’t been as good this year as it was last year and it’s hard for Banks to find a hole to run up the field when it doesn’t exist!

speedy had zero blocking today. special teams has taken a shit

A lot of my crappy tone might have to do with my general bad mood of not having seen the Cats win at home for a depressingly long time and yes, I'm singling Banks out in the midst of a team-wide storm of mediocre play, poor preparation and key injuries. I agree that special teams blocking (and tackling AND kicking) are terrible. But my concerns are that Banks specifically has lost a step and in light of his recent suspension, that his priorities might not be in order.

I'm not sure that he should be gone, but I have also noticed that he is just not the same player this year. He dropped at least 2 easy catches against Montreal, which you have to make when the receiving corps is as decimated as ours is, whether the game means anything or not.

The special teams blocking/coverage has suffered all year long due to injuries to key contributors, just like the offense and defence has suffered for the same reason. Banks had a particularly bad game yesterday (dropped passes), but I'm glad he's healthy to play in the East semi-final, because he is a playmaker who can always break one for a long gain/TD.

Other teams would IMMEDIATELY sign Banks if we cut him. Trust me.

I wouldn't cut him, but if the right trade offer came along...

He is defiantly not earning his 160k per season contract, let him walk the entire league has a full page of plays to shut him down, and guess what they are working

It's called "Special Teams" not Brandon Banks all alone to get big returns. The current players and the system are broken. Poor blocking is the biggest issue.

It's never one player on offence, defence and special teams.

As I said elsewhere, for the ST blocking to work, IMO, the returner has to break that first wave of tacklers and get to the blocking (watch Logan for example). Speedy seems to be running away from his blocking or retreating while looking for a gap. Either opposition player on every other team has him figured, every Ti-Cats STer has gone bad or Speedy's production is down.

When something is going sour, you have to look for the common thread, the 'constant'. The common thread is Speedy. His main job is kick returns, he is not doing it well. Something needs work, the schemes or Speedy? In his defence, he does catch the ball and hang onto it.

Same returner, same coaches, same schemes (probably?), massive change in special teams personnel due to injuries and general roster turnover. Easy to make the argument that the underlying cause is not Speedy.

As soon as Speedy received the punt/kick, he had 2-3 Als in his face WITH NO ONE BLOCKING THEM. The Als contained him well, but NOBODY would be able to get very many positive yards in that situation...

Banks is getting help from his blockers.

Setting up blockers on a punt return is not so easy because everyone except the kick returner is usually lined up on the line of scrimmage.

Kick-off returns are different; the return team has players back for the kick, and a wall of blockers should set up in front of the kick returner. That doesn't seem to be happening.

You cannot put all the blame on Banks for the poor special teams play this year.

I wonder how people would feel if Banks ran back a punt for a TD in the Eastern semi.
He does have the ability to return one for a TD...at any time.
What I do believe is he should be used "more" in the Offence.
And with all the guys on the injured list...he will be used more in the semi.
"Glad we have him".

Are you saying speedy e is overpaid?get ready for a sh...t storm!