Speed of Reviews and Challenges

This should be addressed as quickly as possible . They should have the best rule guru in place watching the game
and addressing the officials while on the field even before a challenge to address any mistakes in refereeing .

The subtle camera angles as to was it a fumble or was he in bounds should be addressed while the ref is viewing the game and [b]have the call ready before even asking .

[/b]Maybe I am asking too much of the league but this oversight needs to be more efficient . With only one game on at a time this should not be an issue .

I don't need for them to be perfect the NFL reviewers make plenty of mistakes and the game proceeds .

CFL needs to realize that you can have an oversight acting even before asking . When the call or penalty is so bad it needs to be addressed let the oversight decide without a challenge .

As to the challenges of non called penalties this should be removed ASAP .

In my view all challenges and reviews should be cancelled.

There are 3 teams on the field. I have no idea why one team should be constantly reviewed ad challenged. Just play. This is just becoming ridiculous.

I think that there should be no challenges, live with the officials decision and move on. The game has slowed down too much, the delays are more noticeable when you are in the stadium at least on TV you can switch the channel for a few minutes.
With all the eyes in the sky and reviews it's likely they will expand it and that is a big mistake.
The league seemed to live without challenges for 100 years or so.
We don't need three hours plus to play a 60 minute game, we are killing the sport.

Could they not just have the oversight over rule without a challenge . You would not even notice it with today's technology . You could make it appear seamless and less intrusive .

Just make sure the oversight guy is the smartest (rule wise) and most alert guy in the room .

And people were complaining about obvious bad calls, especially once people had HD PVRs and could do their own replays. At least now, the officials are getting the right calls made - eventually.

Speeding up those reviews, that I could get behind. Not sure why sometimes what seems to be an easy call takes so long. Definitely having the Command Centre being proactive, starting to review the obvious questionable calls, would be a good thing.

Let them play. Perfect is the enemy of good.

We can spend all day debating and reviewing every play if we want. I don't.

Sport was never designed to be a perfect science.

If it looks like a catch, sounds like a catch it is a catch.

Get rid of all reviews.

Keep all reviews except the ones on penalties. Then, if things don’t get better, take it another step.

Agree, they need to speed up the game…

We can’t do anything about injury delays but there is literally a penalty every 5 plays. They never end.

I’m also for reducing the number of defenses players by 1 - giving the offense an advantage and increase scoring.

I watch games for two reasons:

All I KNOW is that I enjoyed the game far more when reviews were not around. That is the only measurement I have.

For me reviews have dropped the enjoyment level for me by 70%.

I agree but allowing each team a few (NON penalty) reviews works. It works in the NFL, it works in the CFL. As a fan, I enjoy watching them. However, reviews for penalties take FOREVER and are clumsy/stupid.

As I said above, the number of flags are killing the game. You see a big play and you see a flag. Uggg. Every punt has a no yards or clipping penalty. Every play has an offside. It kills the pace of the games.

They have to do something because other sports are trying to speed up their games and leaving the CFL behind.

Not debating it with you or trying to convince you of anything.
Just stating again my opinion again, and rationale

Fair enough. I'm doing the same.

I just wish the head office would take some serious steps to lessen the flags, lessen the delays and bring back the offense.

Someone in the press (don't remember who) suggested reducing the number of players on the defensive side of the ball by 1 - and it has to be from the secondary. At first I scoffed. Now I think it is a good idea. The players are so much bigger and faster, the defensive schemes are so much more efficient, it is worth considering.

This week:
Ottawa @ Montreal - 1 challenge, successful
Toronto @ Saskatchewan - 1 challenge, successful
BC @ Hamilton - 1 challenge, successful
Winnipeg @ Calgary - 3 challenges, 1 successful

So, three of the four games this week had only one challenge, all of them correcting a bad call on the field. Sounds good to me.

The other game had three challenges, with only one call overturned. So two wasted breaks. Not sure how long those two took.

Perhaps the solution is to make teams pay more than just a timeout if they make a second bad challenge - maybe a delay of game penalty? That might make coaches think twice before challenging, only challenging if they are really sure of getting the call overturned.

Good analysis. :thup:

Again, I find the catch/no catch, fumble/no fumble, TD/no TD challenges interesting. The interference/penalty ones are the ones that drag.

Someone in the sky was paying attention lasy night at BC/Ham game.

I was at the game and at one point in the second quarter, I think, BC was passing and the reciever tipped the ball in the air back toward the line of scrimmage. He was able to reach back and catch the ball and was immediately brought down.

The sideline offical marking the placement ran to where the ball was first tipped, about two yards up field, and not where control of the ball was and tackled.

The ball was set and the teams went to their huddles and officals to their spot. Then the head ref went to the ball and moved it back to the correct spot.

This was done without a challenge. So can can only assume, someone upstairs told the ref of the spotting error and told him to correct it.

At least sometimes the system work the way it was intended.

Back to the title of the thread ... challenges should be capped at 90 seconds unless there is a technical issue; TSN has to step up and provide every angle to the refs within 30.

I am not convinced that having longer tio think produces better results.

I noticed that as well. And the TSN commentators were - no surprise here - totally oblivious to the situation. I was about to comment about the horrible spot when the ball was moved back. But I never clued in that it was probably the video official that made that call.

I've been saying the same thing since video replay was instituted in the CFL. If a coaches challenge = 1 time out (wich is 90 seconds) Then a review should take 90 seconds or less. If you can't make a decision in that time, then the video is obviously not clear enough to overturn the ruling.

The offense has a play clock, and so should the refs.

But, I wonder if our head of officiating has the spine to push for something like this.

Actually, I don’t mind the penalty reviews, and would support opening up any call to challenge. I’m in favour of anything that gets the right call.

But I do agree that the judgement call reviews seem to take longer than the clear cut yes/no, in/out type calls, so limiting the time on reviews might be a good idea. Not sure how long that should be, though - the length of a typical commercial timeout maybe?

The BC/Ham game was called by Black and Forde, yet you sound surprised they were oblivious to what was happening on the field. This is the team that goes to commercial stating "we'll sort out the penalties after the break" and never does.