Speculative at Best

.....from a credible Bomber fan with inside info...... Lapo and Mack will be bringing in a experienced CFL wide-receiver during bye-week...If it's true....are we going to see the return of Titus Ryan orrrrrr could there be a trade in the works hmmmmmm...interesting, let the speculation begin :roll:

Ryan? How long before he's good to go?

....don't know if it's Ryan ...however i've been doing a little digging.......Does anyone know anything about a Johnny Quinn....former rider i believe :roll: :roll: Could be just a guess and definitely speculative at best but this could be the man.. :roll:

I wouldn't call Johnny Quinn an experienced receiver. Last season he played 8 games for the Riders (I think he replaced Dressler on the roster) and had 13 catches.

if a trade is in the works, could it be someone like clermont from sask to make room for Sisco on the roster?

I hope it's a trade, just so there's something exciting to discuss. :smiley:

If it's supposed to be an experienced reciever then my guess is its someone who has been in the league at least a full season or most likely, a few seasons.

i saw that post and the first 2 names that popped into my head were

  1. chris bauman - somewhat local, not really playing in hamilton right now. better than hargreaves
  2. emmanuel arcenaux from bc - is having a tough year.

the other names that came to mind were titus ryan (wouldnt consider him experienced tho), kelly campbell (not sure id want his attitude here) and armstrong (not sure the players would welcome him back tho)

bauman makes the most sense imo as he is canadian, local, grew up a bomber fan, and both us and the cats have the bye week next week, along with the als and argos but i dont see us making a trade with montreal or toronto.

would it make sense for bc or edmonton to trade one of their guys to us while we have the bye and they dont? i dont think so.

I assume it's a Canadian, the bombers have 3 talented import recievers when TJH is healthy. So my guess is Bauman as well.

Probably wouldn't have to give up very much at all to get him, maybe a middle to late round draft pick.

True...but it's an awfully large drop off from one of those 3 to Davis.

If we can get another import of similar quality, and start 4 import receivers, Brock as a 5th receiver is fine.

Bowman, Harris, Edwards, Ryan(for example), Ralph...would rival just about any group in the league.

I'm stumped...no idea who it could be.

Oh please, PLEASE take Bauman.We'll even pay to send him out there :lol:
Seriously though, i'd love to trade him.He get's to go home and maybe we'll get someone willing to play hard for us.And being a hometown boy he'd probably shape up for you guy's.Git er' done!

Ok...but you have to take Davis.

There's a reason we got rid of him :wink:
Too many drops in critical situations.

And he can't stay onside...

Some Rider fans still follow Johnny Quinn on Twitter. Yesterday he reported that he was "On a plane...to Canada".

Early speculation is it is to Toronto due to Copeland's injury, but nothing is confirmed other than someone wants to look at him. But Copeland is a slot and Quinn a WR, so who knows.

I heard Quinn was Toronto bound. How many games did Quinn play last year? I don't know if he would be considered an "experienced" reciever.

Interesting scenerio in Bomberland, without going into detail again i believe Titus Ryan will be returning and his time frame puts his return around the same time as the Bye-Week or the next week. If Ryan was to return i do not think he is the "experienced" reciever that this source is reffering to, but when/if Ryan returns we would have to dump an import reciever to make room, my guess would be Davis.

Everything is just speculation at this point but we do have Edwards, Bowman and TJH (when healthy) and Ryan would add more speed than say a Davis. If it is a NI reciecer i would think that would require a trade and the names that have been thrown around are all possibilities (Clermont, Bauman), honestly i cannot think of another Canuck off the top of my head and if we add another Canadian Reciever will a current Bomber Canuck reviever be on the hot seat, without dumping on one particular guy as i have done who would be the most likely to go? Hargreaves, Ralph, Watson? That is anyone's guess.

Then again if Ryan somehow does not return the other names floating around as import trade possibilities are Campbell, Arcenaux, P.Jackson, Armstrong. Would we make a BIG trade (so to speak) to bring in the likes of a Campbell or Jackson it would cost us one or two starting player's on either end (defensive/offensive) or a starter and a high pick, we have went down that path many times in the past (trading high picks away), do we really want to waste a high pick on an import reciever. Other factors to consider is what kind of baggage comes with these reciever's, attitude (referring to Campbell). I can't see Wally trading Paris Jackson (unless we have something he truly wants/needs) and someone also mentioned something about will the player's accept Armstrong back? I don't recall Armstrong and the player's having a problem with each other it was mainly Armstrong and Kelly as Armstrong was a starter and Kelly wanted him to be a Designated Impoert reserve!!

Whatever happens i would like to see eiter Ryan Back, which is the most likely scenerio, he has speed and he showed in his limited action that he can be a breakout playmaker. Arcenaux has excellent speed as well and is having a rough year with B.C but i would welcome his speed and ability any day. Paris Jackson is a proven 1000 yard reciever and can hold onto the ball, make plays and is good at gaining YAC, and like Arcenaux is having a rough year in Lion Land. Armstrong as we know is a big body reciever who can make the tough catch in traffic and make plays and YAC and Campbell is a great reciever when he holds onto the ball as well. My guess is it won't be Campbell, so if it is an Import any one of these combinations is definately better than what we have, anyone is a HUGE upgrade over Davis, but at what cost?


Finally i would like to add that we can speculate all we want but we won't know for sure until it happens and another factor to consider is our defense needs to improve more than the offense, shouldn't we be making a move to improve the defense first? Again who knows, the defense we have on paper is pretty good and they can put it together and become a group that is reliable and consistant, we knew the defense was a work in progress to begin with so maybe give them a couple more games to turn things around. One thing we can all agree on is the player's we have on both sides of the ball are all capable and we CAN turn things around this week or next week and have PATIENCE (as Blue Blood and Killer have said), after all after thinking about it for a couple of days i came up with this simple fact and i think we all agree on this one:

DO WE REALLY WANT TO GUT THIS TEAM? Considering every season no matter who the coacvh or GM is, this team is gutted, Kelly was the worst for that of course. LaPo and Mack gutted the team again, BUT at least they got rid of the Garbage for the most part (LeFors is a great example) and have brought in better player's such as Jyles and Buck instead of Lefors and Ritchie Williams (just an example) ... LOL ... but a good one. BUT if the opportunity arises where we can grab a top tier player who is better at his position than what we already have we need to consider it and jump on it without wasting our picks as in the past, there will alway's be a better player out there than what we already, same goes for any team, make the change if (A) it upgrades us immediately and (B) We do it without disrupting the chemistry we may have already. Good GMS and Coaches upgrade there teams without disrupting chemistry and gutting the whole team, SASK, MTL,CGY, so let's hope that our confidence in LaPo and macks decisions pay off in the end.

.....I don't know about Armstrong bluengold, he kinda slagged the fans in the Peg...said not only did he have a dislike for Kelly and company but the fans and city as well...He was quoted as saying he marked his calendar for the Wpg./B.C. game so he could 'put it to us'....I think he may have burned the Disraeli here...

.....The esks. might be moving a few players....could be Campbell???? but I have a feeling this receiver is someone not in the country at the moment.....AND by the way ,,,great post :thup:

Clermont would be a nice addition even though he is older. An experience NI receiver whose played with both Pierce and Jyles and has an understanding of Lapo's offence. He's not getting much playing time as it is now and that will likely get worse if the Riders want to work Sisco into their line-up.

Thanks Papa, i must have missed the part where Armstrong slagged the fans or just completely fogot, one way or another i agree if a player does not want to be here than screw him. Maybe he made a bad judgement call and in his hatred for Kelly over stepped his boundries and included the organization, fans and The City in the heat of the moment, it happens to the best of player's, but again if that were the case i guess he woulda/shoulda apologized to the fans and the city, i guess he did not and if he truly hates the fans and The Peg, then so be it, like i said screw him, if he made a bad judgement call last season and can admit his mistake than i would have him back in a heartbeat because he is a damn good player and we could use a player with his abilities with TJH apparently out another 5-6 weeks (as reported, if true i don't know).

Of course i think this player is Titus Ryan as he has CFL experienece (granted not a heck of a lot), but he is young, has wheels and showed us last season in his limited action that he can make the play. His injury and time frame for him to be healthy matches perfectly with our Bye week Give or take a week and if he wants to play really has no choice other than to return here unless we trade his rights (contract) or he decides to keep trying out down South, so unless he get's another tryout down there or we trade him, one has to guess he is on his way back here.

Mike who posts at EP and OB says he has been told by someone connected to the team that Ryan will require surgery on his thumb.