Speculation on the Rider starting QB in 23

haha you are not wrong.

Yes, those are the most logical many are saying Bo Mitchell but he will resign with Calgary as a backup bet on it. Bo and his wife are very settled in Calgary. The only way is if a contract large enough to entice him. I heard that he was being groomed for OC eventually.

Rourke has more 300+ yard passing games in his 9 games this season than Bo does in his entire career.

ok i don't know anything about Tommy Stevens, the calgary third stringer, but why is he not being played more and i wonder if he could be pried out of calgary. the stamps are a QB factory. the guy has NFL size at 6'5" and 245 lbs.

Sounds similar to Dolegala in Regina... big guy, 3rd string, not much playing time. Personally, from what I've seen, Dolegala is better than Fine. I don’t know why he hasn't played more

Jay-sus !!! 6'5" and 245 lbs ? It would be like having a DE playing QB . :open_mouth:

he played defence in college! dude is a monster and has spent time on NFL rosters. played for the panthers at one time. he's basically the same size as Josh Allen.

Just did a little research on him and it says that he was a 7th round draft choice by my Saints in 2020 . New Orleans tried converting him into a TE and he spent the year on their taxi squad . He did wind up playing one game for the Panthers after his release from N.O.

He actually didn't play that much in his college career and wound up with rather mediocre stats in his time with first Penn State and later with Ole Miss .

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B L M has an ego that will move him to Regina, or Edmonton or Hammer

It will cost the team around 1,300.00 in lost revenue if they sign him.

BLM's arm isnt the same as it was before all the injuries. Plus if their isnt a complete makeover of the offensive line, he wouldnt finish half the season

With a remade offensive line, i would consider Fajardo. But i think the riders have already nixed that in how they handled the qb's lately.

VAJ, very inconsistent.
Arbuckle, possible.
Fine, not sold
Dolegala, interested. However, both fine and dolegala sat on the bench and the riders went with an one legged qb instead.
Conners, give him a shot if going young and cheap plus cdn. I like the idea of him in Ottawa with Mazoli.
Tre Ford, wont be leaving Edm.
Shilz, risky.
Harris, maybe but why would Mtl let him go?

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Because of injuries?

Brown out of Winnipeg?
I wouldn't rule out a Fajardo return if ODay and Maas are gone.

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He might well be in the Riders camp come May.


Yup. Elks took one of them in Mike Beaudry. Big boy from Regina 6'5", 245lb. Not that Cornelius is small at 6'5" 230 lb.

I think we will have a far better picture when we get through free agency. Right now its get your critical guys signed, look at where you need to improve, figure out what you want in the draft.

I would bet though that Schiltz, Dolegala, Conners, and Ford are not going anywhere.

Ottawa has to figure out who's out - or if they have room for three QB's.

Hamilton wants one last shot at a cup before the "old" guys (Lawrence et al) retire.
They know their best shot is Bo.

Montreal - Do they resign FA Harris or move on?

Vancouver - once Rourke decides what hes doing they can decide what they need to do.

Elks - doubt there will be change.

Winnipeg - no change.

Calgary - Stevens moves up to backup and gets some of Bo's money plus playing time.

Toronto - is MBT coming back? If not Kelly looks almost ready. Won't know until MBT is either in or out.

Riderville - Dolegala is pretty much for sure. We will find out if Fine passed his test at the end of the season. Always hard to tell from where we sit if that was the case. And leading the offence on field? We will see.....

As for BLM - sort of obvious he wants to commute and Calgary is home so somewhere nearby would be his first choice.

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I had another one of those spooky visions Squishy... In the haze I saw Dane Evans behind centre in Saskatchewan. Meanwhile Cody Fajardo was doing his thing in Hamilton. As for Bo? He out-priced himself in Free Agency and finally settled for a temp job in Ottawa while Masoli rehabbed that knee of his.

You heard it here first.

"Meanwhile Cody Fajardo was doing his thing in Hamilton"...I think I just threw up a little in my mouth . :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


I'll bet it tasted like 'banana'. Sorry about that. :laughing:

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Well I tell ya one thing it certainly didn't taste like beaver . :laughing:

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