Speculation on the Rider starting QB in 23

There has been a lot of chatter about the whole disaster the was the Rider 22 season. It is pretty obvious that Cody will not be in Regina in 23.

Without going into a further discussion on the problems this year and what needs to be done for next year (talked to death in other threads)

I would like everyone's best guess as to who the starting QB in Saskatchewan will be in 23 and why? (I may relent and give everyone a second choice as well)

My guess is VAJ. Reason is that the Canadian QB duo in BC will be healthy for the start of 23 and VAJ will need a place to land.

My second guess is Arbuckle as Masoli will be healthy in Ottawa and Arbuckle will want to start and not be a back-up.

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I hope its not BLM. He's old, he's worn out, and he's arrogant. I think he would be a step down from Fajardo.

Speaking of Fajardo, I think it COULD be him, but only if ODay and Maas are gone. That's a tradeoff I would take, and then we could see what Fajardo can do with a decent oline and playcalling. But if ODay and Maas stay, I agree, Cody will want to leave to preserve his life and career.

Honestly, if ODay stays on, I can't see any QB wanting to sign here after seeing what he has (or hasn't) built here. Fine and Dolegala will stay on and compete, but the established guys won't want to be on their backs that much if there are other options.

Adams, maybe, as a last gasp for his career. I dunno. Options are really limited unless management changes and improvements are seen in the protection end of things.

If ODay and Maas are gone, then there are possibilities. Arbuckle becomes a possibility, maybe O'Connor wants to slip out from Rourke's shadow (I'd prefer that to Adams!), maybe Dolegala steps up (I think he's better than Fine). Or maybe Fajardo gets a one-year deal to re-prove himself.

It all depends on who is building the team.

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I don't know how BC is going to handle the QB situation next year. Presuming Rourke stays we also have VA, O'Connor & Pipkin. Obviously, something has to give there. Rourke & VA would be a good one/two punch in my books but keeping both could be problematic. I think it's possible the odd man out could be O'Connor, who's been somewhat of an enigma this year. Fine will have the advantage, so maybe Sask will be content with a developing player like O'Connor?

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Bring in Kevin Glenn as OC, suit him up with a helmet and pads, give him a walker and send 'im out! Lol

How about Mason Nyhus?

Seriously, though, I wouldn't be surprised to see Arbuckle there, either.


I got to watch Mason all through High school. He would need some time to catch on at the pro level but he is GOOD!

I really hope he gets a chance in camp somewhere. Yeah, he might need a year or two as 3rd stringer or practice roster QB to develop, but so be it.

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Don't know his contract status for next year (nor his health) but I thought O'Connor's brief (very brief) appearance showed well....nice strong arm.


I'm half hoping he ends up in Ottawa, since he's from the area.

I wonder about the Hamilton situation. I don't know the contract situation of Schiltz, but he might want a shot at being a starter somewhere.

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I am interested for that as well. I suspect there will be a coaching change in Hamilton so that may play into things there as well.

Is Harris signed beyond this year in Montreal? He might make a great choice if he decides to move on.

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he's got my vote. league needs to develop more young qbs.

BLM maybe if he doesn't retire.

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Adams will stay in BC. For one i think hes on a 3 year deal and for two I am pretty sure Rourke is going to be in NFL camps to start the season.

If OConnor is the odd man out in BC, I'd be happy to see him in green. Happier than I would be to see Adams, in fact. But yes, if Rourke goes south, then all the BC boys will be off the market


Id like to see Bethel-Thompson here. Long shot I know but hes underrated.

Or maybe Chad Kelley. That guy has a solid resume

How about the backup in Winnipeg , he looked ok. Collaros signing for 3 years, he might not want to stay.

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what bugs me about Adams is how inconsistent he is. he is either really good or really bad. no in between. i have watched o'conner and i have questions about his throwing mechanics for CFL. his release seems slow and decision making likewise. but he may just need reps. i just think he is what he is - a serviceable back up.
IMO, riders should really be targeting someone young to develop and play. this was their year (grey cup year) and they failed going for it. i'm not a rider fan, but from a fan of seeing the cfl franchises succeed as a whole. i think the riders should clean house and focus on rebuilding and getting younger. it's not like it will affect their bottom line significantly because i still believe that with the right team message and attitude, the fans will come to the games. it seems to me that fan delusion and disappointment is at it's worst. obviously the current way is not the way to be successful so change it up and rebuild for a contender a few years down the road. also stamps are so adept at doing this on the fly. mediocre stale football that fails is not successfull football i'm afraid.

oh yea, if i was rider management, i'd try to pry Tre Ford out of edmonton.

Bo Levi Mitchell would be the favorite to be the Rider quarterback in 2023. If he signs there, perhaps Marc Trestman would be interested in the HC job if the team acquired some additional talent that he likes.

Vernon Adams just re-negotiated his contract in BC and will be paid what a backup would get. Adams would not be available for 2023 to any other team unless BC trades or releases him.

Currently, Matt Shiltz does not have a contract for 2023. I suspect neither does Trevor Harris.

Instead of trying to trade for Tre Ford do what Capital Dave said and draft Mason Nyhus. If you still want to trade or sign a veteran free agent do so, but a home grown young QB in Sask would be huge.


i like this idea too. the more you bring to camp the better. qb talent is an asset.

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With Harris' arm strength, if he threw into a stiff Sask breeze, the ball would go backwards

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