Speculation/Conspiracy Theories welcome. Why no seat locater

Just before the 'site glitch', there was a thread noting that the interactive seating chart wasn't up. Oski (Russ) speculated that there was something being hidden (the old cynic).

My proposal was just that they were putting some add-ons to the software to make it more useful. I think that someone is working on an add-on application that will highlight the seats that DON'T have splinters.

What add-ons to the seat locater do you think are being added - even as you read this - in the slave-pits of Bob's back rooms in the bowels of the Ti-Cat lair?

(Or do you have a paranoid conspiracy theory of your own as to why the application isn't up and running?)

I started that Thread..
I just like seeing where I am going to sit.

Yes you did, Tom. It was Russ that started to hijack it. I’m just helping his nefarious plans along- sort of a sidekick at a distance.

Now… let the theories begin!

You are one UP on me, Mark. I can't THINK of one stupid REASON as to why it would be removed.


How about the fact it was a third party application that provided that? Maybe the licensing cost to use it went up significantly?

You would be correct. It is a third-party application, the contract has expired and from what I have heard it would be a steep price to renew their services.

Maybe they wanted to hilight the seats whose numbers were actually stencilled on professionally, NOT drawn freehand with a dried-up Sharpie.

Wait a monute - that would mean that NO seats in IWS would be hilighted…

Do I win a prize?

That explains the removal of the feature but surely BY being a techno guy could come up with his own version. He must a have a software staff or he could contract it out.

It was a very useful feature.

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe they should bring back the Seat Day.
where people can pick there seats.
In Bob's 2nd year they had a Seat Day.
The Team Showed off the new new Uni's
People had chance to pick a seat.

Thanks, Sig. I guess that it’s not irony day.

But is it ironing day Mark?

Why no seat locater?

Because they finally paid attention to those of us who don't get to the games in person, and couldn't care less about the view from the seats. So long as the TV cameras catch the action on the field, that's the best we can hope for. So the seat locater will not be missed.

Now, having got you upset about that, I will add....

Don't do the same thing with the cheerleader files. They can stay!

what ...ticat org has a problem paying a steep increase after having a fixed-price contract?! hmmm - sounds familiar! lol

Don't do the same thing with the cheerleader files. They can stay!
This is creepy....