Spectator wrong again

Once again, the Spectator shows its poor editing style and lack of attention to the Ticat nation. In todays paper it shows in the CFL schedule, the Ticats playing Thursday August 27th in Edmonton! Game is actually on Saturday August 29th in Edmonton. Looks like the current sports editing staff should be given their release.

8) Actually, the original date for this particular game, when the schedule was first released, was
 Thurs. Aug. 27.  !!!

  However that date was changed way back in March or April to the new date of Sat. Aug. 29.

  Obviously, the Spec still is not aware of that fact  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   You're right mercury, it's just a complete lack of attention once again by the Spec.

   Inexcusable !!

Typos, mistakes and occasional entries of wrong information happen in every form of media.

I don't think this mistake in the schedule you are referring to is in any way a lack of attention or disrespect to the Tiger-Cats.

Even the CFL Alumni Association website has two glaring errors on one of their pages but I wouldn't make the leap that they are disrespecting any of the two teams. Should someone have edited the content of the website for content?....sure, probably, but I haven't lost any sleep over it.

ie: Winnepeg (should be Winnipeg)........Rough Riders (should be Roughriders)

[url=http://cflaa.ca/index.php?option=com_weblinks&view=category&id=4&Itemid=21]http://cflaa.ca/index.php?option=com_we ... &Itemid=21[/url]

Back to your issue, there is no doubt that newspapers are experiencing lowering of revenues the past few years and that more than likely translates into budget cuts, so the people who are left have to do more and more a part of their daily duties which naturally leads to errors. But all in all, I think the Spec's Tiger-Cat coverage has been pretty good especially since Mr. Young purchased the Ticats. I'm sure the Spec will correct the mistake once they have it pointed out to them.

Years ago newspapers used to create their own statistics pages like the one where the error is. Nowadays they are bought from other sources that specialize in creating and gathering this information. The Spectator probably bought this information from another source where the entire page is created and sent to newspapers for insertion.

The Spec is nothing but an extension of the Toronto Star. Half of the stories in it were in the Star a day or two before. The sports section is a joke as is the coverage of the Ti-cats. If I had a bird it would be the perfect cage liner.

8) The only thing I will disagree with you on is the Specs coverage of the TiCats.
  THIS year, the coverage has been much better, thanks mainly to Drew Edwards  !!!

   For being a rookie on the job, he has gone beyond the normal call of duty, as far as being the 

   TiCat beat reporter.  Can't complain about his work too much at all  !!!

   However, just make sure you keep up that great work, Drew  !!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

In today's spec there is only one half page article but it is on the ARGO's, taken form the Toronto Star...nothing at all about the Cats. Thank you "The Hamilton Star"

The coverage of the Cats is actually really really good. They cover them really well.

It's a little slow this week because we just came off of a bye but later in the week you will see a lot more articles.

The rest of the Spec is garbage. They have made the Saturday paper into way too many sections but they don't have enough content to expand the paper like that.

I think during the "bye week" the Ticats beat reporters are on hiatus.....

Also, yes, The Spec is owned by Torstar but in spite of that, The Spec really does reflect the City of Hamilton generally and maybe without Torstar, there would be no Hamilton Spectator by now.....or Grand River Sachem, Glanbrook Gazette, Ancaster News, Mountain News, Guelph Mercury, Stoney Creek News etc, etc......many of the above mentioned fall under Metroland which is still Torstar.

The same is happening in the newspaper industry as what has happened in the food industry for years......huge conglomerates buy up everything they can.......and maybe that's why smaller companies survive during changing times ie: deep pockets of the parent companies.............it may sound bad that this happenes but is it really?....

I like the prices at No-Frills, Food Basics etc so I, as a consumer, benefit from larger ownership...

The Kitchener Record is also a Torstar clone (printed at the Spec no less). Lots of Argo coverage, minimal CFL and pages of NFL. Microscopic coverage of the Cats, in fact there is more news about other CFL teams. I get my TiCat news here.

Toronto homer attitude for the NHL as well; but I gave up on that way back in the 60's.