spectator stats

we need another newspaper here how can you have the edm/cal stats in the paper in a game that finished around 11pm yet they don't have the ham/tor stats ina game that finished 3hrs earlier???????????/

So the 3 full pages of articles about the Cats game wasn’t enough for you?

It’s the Spectator, what do you really expect? Remember, yesterday was a holiday so I’m sure they were light staffed and went to press early.

Is it really the end of the world? There are a million sites on the net to get stats and seeing that you are posting on here, you go and surf the internet after the game so you can always go to cfl.ca.

Yes, I wondered the same thing. Why have the western game stats and not the ticat-argo game?
Them going to press early would be an excuse for not having the western stats, not the earlier game.

Typical Toronto Star.................yes the Spec is a TorStar newspaper.

This may seem like a radical idea, but since you obviously have access to the internet, I would suggest you check online for game stats (http://www.cfl.ca). They're usually available not too long after the final whistle.

hard to access the internet from my cab ,also i was interested in the penalty minutes which cfl.ca don't include plus 2 days (sun and mon)and 1 night (sat) of baseball games and hardly any box scores which also happens in every monday paper