Spectator Editorial Cartoon

Check out Mackay's editorial cartoon in todays spectator entitled "A Halftime show that's sure to keep crowds coming". It shows Coach Marshall tied to a skyrocket as part of the halftime show. I found it rather tasteless, but to tell the truth I never found Mackay's cartoons very humorous or thought provoking anyway. It is in the front section, you know, the last section us sports fans read.

Yes, I saw this as well. What can you do, welcome to the world of pro sports, at this level anyone and everyone can be a target. I also found it tasteless but then, I certainly don't have the mind of a journalist that's for sure.

I don't see the humour in his cartoon.....The old Spec cartoonist "Blaine" was the best there is!

I find that this guy is just not funny....but that's only my opinion.

I suspect Coach Marshall will just use this cartoon to line the bottom of his birdcage. :lol:

Guess it doesn't matter now, but still tasteless.

I agree, this cartoon was out of line.
Good luck to Greg Marshall and his family in the future.

I like Mackay.

His cartoons are found in a lot of places, he doesnt hold anything back, just tells it like it is.

Today's made me smile...it rings true.

He's a very popular cartoonist, known throughout canada.

He's in pro sports (Marshall) this type of stuff bothers you guys more than it bothers him.

funny cartoon, came true sooner than expected. Good luck Greg. Note: It always amazes me after the deed of firing the coach has taken place, that management then talks about how great the guy they fired is. Ok, so why did you fire him? Their patonizing is all BS. They are just trying to make themselves feel good in their own minds in order to justify what they did. Talk about talking out of the other side of your face.

I think it's funny.

A classless dolt like Mackay wouldn't know good taste if reared up and bit him.But what do you want from the Spec anyway?Good luck Greg.You don't deserve this kind of treatment.

As usual the truth always hurts the bleeding hearts wearing rose coloured glasses!!!

Cartoon aside.......Marshall was a class act for his contribution to the community and his dedication to the organization. Would agree with xtybe, that this cartoon bothers some of us more than it does Marshall. We haven't heard the last about Coach Marshall..

Not funny. Just tacky.

i think alot of fans might have felt that way...not me....team is still in the hunt with argos help....the defense can never be counted on like when suds was the coach and joe's offence sucks so far...strong arm QB and better receivers and still running Danny Mac style O...i think if he was still here we might be 2 and 2.

Thats the word Spec-tacky

Based on the general feeling of this website, the Spec is not a good source for ticat info. They are more intrested in selling newspapers. I will not read it, and can find much more solid info here and other websites. Some would have you think Monday's events are part of a mob mentality, when it is in fact the mentality of small groups of devoted ticat fans in individual living rooms, all whom ached from what they were seeing.