Spectator-Desjardins says players slacking off on purpose

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I'm wondering wut u guys think of this article? I am extremely impressed with Marcel Desjardens, He seems to know the exact type of players he wants on the team next year and wont take any crap from these players. I find it kind of sad that apparently some players have been playing poorly on purpose to get certain coaches fired, and slacking off lately because of our record, so basically being quitters as he put it. I agree with Marcel, we dont need these type of players on the team get rid of em and juz like New England does in the NFL, bring in players who wanan play a full 60 mins and love the game of football, no goons nothing, and look where its gotten them not any huge names except for brady on offence but they have players that wanna play and win, and thats wut we need. Oskee Wee Wee

P.S. He said it's "unlikely" any of the assistant coaches will be back, so does that mean this is the end of the line for Kavis Reed also?

sounds like he knows what hes doing, but im not impressed yet until somthing is done

as I said elsewhere

find it hard to beleive that professional players would do this trying to get coaches fired crap, but if so, they should be blackballed and never allowed to play anywhere again. Hamilton ticats players, if this is you, you are dirt. Get lost and dont come back

i cant wait to see the ticats next season, with all the bullcrap players cut and without jobs.

[b]I said this back on Sept 8th:



loyalty <-------------HEAR THIS :o

And Marcel Desjardins is just finding this out 8)




Marcel said, ""...excerpt...From what I've seen our practices
are not the most -- not that you want them to be intense
but you want them to have a good pace. And that's not there,"

Tends to happen when a team is 4 and 11..

If you are anxious to swing the axe,
and they are slacking off bad enough

you should do the coaches a favour
and fire some of the guilty players now.

You're the man, Marcel.

I know Kavis Reed our D.C wants to win bad enough
that he is not taking a break during this bye week.

It sounds like marcel is building the
team all over again with loyal players
thats nice but does that mean we have to
wait another five years for a competitive


Desjardins comments are very refreshing. Reading between the lines, vets like Morreale and Hitchcock have not assumed leadership roles in the dressing room nor have they created the sense of urgency during practices (or games for that matter). With a new head coach coming in, the assistants are gone too (and why not on a 4-14 team). Nor should any player be untouchable on a 4-14 team. Sounds like he's already identified a core group of guys he wants back for 2007.

Depending on what he does/is able to do, the Cats could be very competitive in 2007. This is the CFL where teams can turn 180 degrees from one year to the next. Check out the Esks!!

An Argo fan

good point. For the few practices I saw back in August , there seemed to be a very loose presence on the field.
Alot of joking around which surprised me at the time.
I couldn't understand why leaders weren't stepping up and grabbing others by the facemask and asking "what the **** have you got to laugh about?"

No sense what so ever of a 2-10 team trying to fix things.
No real hussle , etc...

Perhaps it was the two days I was there but you would have thought they were 10-2 instead of 10-2.

Hey......it's a days work for a days pay,

If some of the big contract players are just milking it, that most definitly rubs off, either one way or the other, on the rest of the team.
What alot of these types don't realize, is that, word of this crap spreads quickly amongst the GM's, throughout the league. In other words, if they can't cut it in Hamilton, then they're surely not going to cut it anywhere else.
Good for Marcel.....cut the cancer out before it continues to spread.
Fool me once....shame on you.........Fool me twice....same on me. :cowboy:

Gee, when Ken Peters wrote that kind of stuff about the team in July, he had to apologize to the players. Guess he was right!


Hey, it's only a game! You must by now know the attitude of the fans here. Family first, comraderie second, winning if it happens.

Besides, what leaders? The latest statements by the GM indicates the pompous rookies were running the hen house.