Spectator A Pathetic Joke !!

Local readers supporting them isn't the problem. Advertising is no longer interested in print.

Get all your Blue Jays news in the Hamilton Spectator.

I get all my Tiger-Cat news from you guys (and girls, I guess) on this forum. Seriously, since I now live in London, I don’t get the Spec anymore, can’t get 1150 AM, and don’t have a Twitter account. I’d especially like to thank those of you who post practice updates.
Sure speculation and personal beefs at times get in the way but by reading the forum, a person can practise his critical awareness and keep his aging mind sharp.

I download the TiCats now podcast and listen to the show that way to get all my Cats news, that plus TiCats.ca of course.

From one Ticat fan in London to another. Oskee Wee Wee.

Why be ashamed? The Spec is not "The Spec" that I grew up delivering and reading, but then again, what newspaper is? The industry has been decimated (look at all the small, local papers that have disappeared in the past 20 years), and what you see is what you get when people DON'T subscribe...

I subscribe as well, even though I don't live in Hamilton (family still does), mostly for Cat and local sports news, but also to keep up with the old home town...and I really wonder how much longer the paper will be alive...it's no longer being printed locally - I remember when they moved from King Street out to the west end, and I got a job waiting tables at the "Old Spectator" restaurant...no one would have seen this coming...

So I understand the frustration, but the media that everyone seems to want is too expensive - no beat writer 'cause there's no money to pay for him/her, get stories (read: pay for stories) from cheaper sources, IF and when they are available...I miss Bob Hanley, Ivan Miller and Joe Watkins as well...hell, even Norm Marshall filed some stories for the paper...but I miss Ken Peters too, just because he was a daily presence on the Ticat beat...

That may be true, but only when the information provided is impartial, and fact based. There is such a biased and politically driven media in this country that only provides skewed information to drive a specific narrative. That is definitely not democratic.

For quite a while when 3Down was owned by the Spec, Drew’s column and 3Down we’re both the same articles. Drew also had the Scratchingpost blog reporting something/anything every day about the Cats. For a little while recently Steve Milton would report in the Spec. Have not read anything or heard his voice on media scrums in weeks.

I agree that the Spec wasn’t what it used to be but still better than nothing at all. For $8/mth I’m not going to complain about sports content. Local news is still informative.

In my opinion the Spectator tries to present politically balanced views.

They lost me when they stopped reporting the news and began trying to make the news.

They are privy to info that goes against their hard left slant and therefore ignore or bury it.

Owned bt Torstar says it all…Pravda West.

  1. So right, the Spec and their owner Torstar are both nothing more than left wing Liberal and
    Democratic rags !! :-[ :-[

So Tipper, are you suggesting that we should all read the Sun ? Oh that's right, you really don't have to read pictures , do you ? I guess we should also read the National Post and watch Fox News .

Don't forget to vote Quimby . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Support your local newspaper . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( a big tipper)

Good read here from the spec

Sack attack

B.C. quarterback Mike Reilly has taken a pounding all year, and that didn't change against the Ticats. They battered and bruised Reilly all night, getting numerous big hits on the league's highest-paid player, and tallied an impressive seven sacks on the night.
The most impressive thing about that number is every single one came from a defensive lineman. The Ticats didn't blitz a lot — they haven't all year — and yet sit second in the league with 32 sacks so far this season, which is one more than their total from all of last year.
It was the Dylan Wynn-Ja'Gared Davis tag team that did most of the damage, with Davis picking up two sacks and Wynn notching three of his own. Julian Howsare and David Dean, making his first career start in place of Ted Laurent, picked up the other two.

Road is where the wins come, too

With their third win on the road, and second in a row, the Ticats join the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as the only teams in the CFL with above-.500 records away from home (both teams are 3-2).

Winning on the road is never easy and, coupled with the team's undefeated record at home, it seems obvious why the Ticats are sitting in the catbird seat entering the season's second half.

The Ticats are also a very solid 5-1 vs. the West so far this year, with wins over four of the five West Division teams — they have yet to play Edmonton — including a season sweep of the Lions, the first time they have done that since 2010. In contrast, Ticats were 4-6 against the West last year and were swept by Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Defence gets it done

Aside from a couple hiccups early and a few big plays given up, the Ticats defence was stellar against the Lions.
They picked off Mike Reilly twice in the end zone, snuffing out a pair of potential scoring drives that made all the difference in a three-point game. Richard Leonard's one-handed thievery was another highlight reel-calibre catch. It rivals Acklin's catch for catch of the night (and possibly the year).

Saturday night was the sixth time this year the Ticats have allowed 20 points or fewer in a game, and they have given up just 17 points in the last two games, heading into Labour Day's clash with the Toronto Argonauts.


Written by Josh Smith - of 3 Down Nation. :slight_smile:

I agree that The Spec has become a joke. Too bad really.

But I also agree that The Sun has outstanding CFL coverage. All sports actually. By far the best sports coverage in this country.

In a year when you’d think they’d want the stories out there…crickets.

Great response, Pat!
Tipper, take it down a notch or two. This is a sports forum, not a place to post angry politically-charged rants...

Years ago they would have a separate section called game day , those were the days but the Hamilton presses will be stopped soon its too bad !

Dunc, once again put the Ticats in the 5th spot behind woman’s golf, soccer etc and behind another CFL game. Home town pride. No love on CH either

Or you can do as we do and get both the KW Record - which is Torstar owned - and the Post.

Note that one thing I do LOVE about the Post is that they almost always print dissenting opinions and give them good space. That can't be said for any other major Canadian paper regardless of their political stance. (Decent CFL coverage too.)


Mark, the old Spec newsroom copy boy.