Spectator A Pathetic Joke !!

  1. I can’t believe it was possible, but this so called newspaper, the Hamilton Spectator has reached
    a new low in the last 2 weeks regarding their coverage of the real only professional team in
    Hamilton, the TiCats.

Last week the day before the game only story in this so called paper on the Cats was from some
lady with the Canadian Press.

Same thing this week, someone named Gemma Karstens-Smith once again from the Canadian
Press. Todays article is all about the BC Lions (except for about 8 lines about the Cats).

No up to date news on our own team regarding injuries or anything, and not a word from any so
called beat reporter covering the Cats from the Spectator !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

A real pathetic excuse for a newspaper !! They deserve to fold up, because they are nothing but
a sad excuse for a newspaper at this point in time :-[ :-[

Do you subscribe? I ask because I find the people who complain the most on here about the Spec will also tell you how they ‘beat’ the pay wall.

what does this mean?

is the spectator Hamilton's main newspaper?

One could simply not buy it …
but thanks to Trudeau’s media bailout with tax payer money we all pay for it .

Tipper, there is no more "beat reporter" for the Tiger-Cats. Drew Edwards decamped from the Spec to continue his work on 3DownNation. The only Spec reporter that does ANY work is Steve Milton, and he seems to be the only real Sports reporter for the paper.

They hired Drew Edwards. That move alone shows their incompetence.

Bob Hanley, Ivan Miller, even miserable old Joe Watkins (but he covered the Red Wings mostly … he used to yell at me when I was a copy boy in the old Spec building on King St.) Must all be turning over in their graves to see what the Spec has come to.

Nice of Dunk to squeeze in Ticat news at the end of the sports package on CHCH behind, ladies golf, minor league basketball, soccer and McMaster football

The best place to get Ticat news is on TSN 1150 radio…a show called Ticats Now, weekdays at 8am.

The reporters on that show attend Ticat practices, conduct interviews with players and coaches at those practices, and ask a lot of the questions that we fans want to know the answers to.

The Spec is doing a great disservice to itself by neglecting local news. It’s their only life line.

That’s fake news

I noted this today while getting the oil changed in the car...It's game day and this is the best The Spec can come up with. I suspect it is simply a sign of the times with print media. It's dying and they simply don't have the budgets to cover things any longer. So, they get a stock story run by the Canadian Press...

I suppose we could read about it in the Toronto Stun....er...Sun?? 'Cause that's a real newspaper that tell the truth.....

1.Sun media gets part of bail out too.
2. They have the best CFL coverage in Canada. More Ham football news than the Spec on its best day.

You nailed it on the head....I can't believe the number of people that don't understand this. Probably the same ones that complain about how slow city hall is but also don't want their taxes raised.

Factual news.

  1. Yes, I am ashamed to admit, that I do subscribe to the Spec :-[ :-[

Support your local newspaper . An informed citizen is the cornerstone of democracy . Yes, the Spec needs better coverage of the TiCats but that doesn’t mean that we should give up on the paper and its long community involvement .

You don’t know what you’ve got , till it’s gone . ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the ancient one)

Apparently the Spec will soon no longer be printed in Hamilton. It is going to be printed up in Vaughan where other Torstar publications are printed. At least that is what we were told the other day when the ad rep for The Spec advised us that our twice a week travel agency ad sizes would be shrunk to better fit the layout for the smaller paper they use to print the Star now and soon will be used for The Spec,

Apparently that will mean the loss of 160 jobs and the Spec building itself is for sale and The Spec will move to a smaller location.

Steve Milton has been the (only?) one recently covering the team for The Spec. It could be he’s on a 2 or 3 week vacation.

We’ll see what happens over the next week or 2. They have had pretty good coverage and I can’t see the paper suddenly dropping it now. But who knows…