...Specialist Kicker on the way

...In todays news..... imp.Bradley Pierson is about to sign on with the Bombers...He's a very good directional punter and kickoff specialist.....I would say at this point it's looking more and more like Giancola and this kid, if he works out, will be taking care of the kicking duties.......Serna better come to camp with some serious up-side or he may be on the outside looking in... :lol:

Had to laugh at the quote from Kelly today....
Kelly...." every speaking engagement i go to now . i say, Lyle Bauer is about to apologize for anything I'm about to say, then I go right into it... :lol: :lol: ....

It looks like Mr. Kelly is trying to curb shooting from the lip and answering for what he said later (maybe)..... :lol: :lol:
You're catching on Mike.... :thup: :lol:

Hmmm an American punter and a Canadian kicker That's two roster spots but if it improves the team in both areas could be worth it.

It could be very worth it... hope its reality

Even if it costs two roster spots, the kicking game has been atrocious for 3 seasons now. It probably cost them a win or two each season I can safely say. Getting a guy to do all the kicking duties is a real luxury if you find one who can do them both well, but there just are not that many of them, especially non imports. The Bombers had Bob Cameron and Kennerd/Westwoord combo for a long time, so it’s not exactly something new for them. I really don’t care if Giancola is 37 or 39, he’s just a kicker and won’t be doing much running or tackling on the field. As long as he has accuracy and the leg to hoof the ball still, he can be a senior for all I care!! :slight_smile: How old was Cameron when he retired…47? Giancola is just a pup compared to that!! The kicking game HAS to be better this season…how could it get any worse than the last couple of seasons?!! Now if we only knew the QB situation has improved for this year. Still a ton of questions about that position going into the season.

Good post ziegmund.........have to agree with you.

I don't think using an import kicker/punter is a big deal. Setta and Duval are well worth the 1 import roster spot. Finding that type of player should have been the #1 priority for the new staff. Retaining their Olinesmen #2. Instead of f... around messing with Glenn and trying to move up the draft board.

...MOVING UP IN THE DRAFT WAS NEVER ON...i believe we took a pass on a 'weak' draft year...The trades netted us some huge prospects ....especially the Goodspeed deal....We had our draft when the trades were made... :wink:

Clever. I suppose the drafts in 2010 and 2011 will be weak as well? 'Cause last I checked, you don't have many picks left in either of those years either.....

By the way....I love the earlier post where somebody compared Bob Cameron---for my money, one of the best all-time punters in CFL history---to Giancola--a guy who hasn't kicked in 5 years and is a "never was" before that. If he makes your squad, your kicking game is in a world of hurt....

....I don't know about the comment 'never was'....Giancola has some good CFL experience.....You won't find many Bob Camerons around easily........and even he got off to a rough start.....but granted, a solid ,continual one....Once again Arius, you are 'peeking' into that glazed over crystal ball of yours....but that's okay....the real deal is just around the cornor :wink:

...on the draft/.....crap-shoot at best...(someone stole my analogy)....I believe Jon Ryan was one of our latter picks....22 nd overall...if i remember correctly.....and he didn't turn out too bad, now did he..... :wink: :lol:

So you don't think being able to grab Labatte in the first or second round last year was important to the Bombers? All I am saying is that the first and second round picks next year (who you claim are crap shoots) would field NCAA starters or superb CIS players. Wouldn't you like to have 2 more Labatte's instead of a Lenny Wall 28 year old import and a sixth round pick who has 5 tacles to his credit?

Also you will notice why the draft is being eyeballed as much as it is now. SMS ! If you don't draft your own NI talent, it means you have to go the free agency way (Fritz) or trade guys who are over paid (Bates). So while other teams are getting 2 to 4 years at 50k a pieced your Bombers will be paying 100 to 125k for similar players... impacting on the ability to retain and compete for the top talent.

If I was a Bomber fan, I would be seriously pissed every time Kelly gave up a pick for a nobody or someone other squads don't feel are ratio changers. But that's just me.

...funny ...you're drafting unknowns like Singer.... and i don't see you heralding him as the next best thing to A.C. that the Als. have on board......I heard a lot of negatives in fact from a few sources....on the other hand he could be a find...a Popp long-shot ...but certainly an unknown quantity...You think that;s the way to go....great..........I have said in another post that the draft is important to building a winner....BUT only ONE FACET of same....comprehende....

Labatte turned out to be an excellent draft choice that the Bombers made.....HOWEVER.. with the ratio of failures compared to successes coming into this league from the draft...it does give one pause....and going a different route...like say via trade to obtain highly drafted players certainly can be beneficial....(note draft pics Bombers acquired in the Goodspeed trade from Sask. for one)......Soooooo ...you do things your way....We'll do our thing.....and that WOULD include trading-up for a required need in the draft....ya just never know..... :wink: :lol:

There is a good punter coming up in the 2010 draft however you can ask Eskimo fans how it feels to use a high pick on an unproven kicker.

I don’t know much about Singer, like most people I was surprised, but he’s massive, that’s a serious set of arms and thighs…


It shouldn’t be much of a problem for him to drop 15 pounds if he is willing, he has a lot of experience with two years in Junior ball and 3 years with the Bisons, the plan with him from what little I have heard is to make him a short yardage specialist. I’m not asking for specifics but what type of things are you hinting at? Attitude? Work ethics? Technique? I’m curious what the catch is.

...Pierson has officially signed with the BigBlue today......now lets see what the kid can do in training camp.... :thup:

Well, the kicking game has now been addressed.. probably our second biggest weakness heading into this season.

O-line should be good to after Kelly Butler signs here and our secondary has been addressed big time. The team is looking pretty good to me, it all hangs on Lefors and Dinwiddie.

Kids got a good strong leg too.

I'm really starting to like the database.

Good, you guys really needed to replace Serna lol, he stunk bad. Grats on the signing :thup: