Special Teams

When you look at the three phases of the game, our special teams are the worst in the league.Donnelly’s short snaps are all over the place and so are Robichaud’s long snaps. We don’t seem to have the blockers or schemes in our return game. The coverage teams haven’t hurt us, although Levingston’s return could have.Against the Bombers, we had 11 players on the field for Westwood’s successful fieldgoal. I don’t know how much time is spent on “the teams” in practice but clearly more time is needed.
Holmes and Kahlil Hill could certainly help the return game. Quinnie is obviously not the answer. A centre who can accurately snap is a real need. We drafted a long snapper from Boston College but never brought him to camp. I don’t know Brochu’s status today. Maybe Robichaud can get out of his slump and I know Donnelly is hurting but still playing. God bless them both.
I don’t believe in making coaching changes in mid-season but next year’s Cats need a special teams coach who can indeed make them SPECIAL.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I disagree with your assessment of Quinnie. I think he has shown good speed and elusiveness, and has the capability to break one. But that leads us to the real problem with the special teams. It's hard to break one when you have zero blocking and you have to make six guys miss tackling you before you get help. I have no idea how Erdman still has a job (remember, he has now outlasted both Baressi and Marshall), even though during his entire tenure as our special teams coach, the only time we've taken one to the house has been because certain individuals have put in stellar returns that succeeded despite the lack of blocking (ex. Hill taking it to the house last year at Ivor Wynne).

I thought Flick did a good job with returns. He cuaght the ball and secured it. Then found the first hole and hit it hard. There is no time for dancing around to find the best hole.

Good job Flicker!