Special Teams

Lancaster has done well to remove the attitude of entitlement and lack of accountability that existed under Marshal but must now focus on our special teams. Stupid penalties, poor blocking and lack of discipline plague this unit with no sign of improvement. There is not one aspect of our special teams that is operating with any success. Corey Holmes is an asset we must exploit and one has to wonder how much more rope Erdman will get before he hangs himself. :thup:

Corey Holmes is an assist
Not sure how much he is assisting yet, but he sure could be one heck of an asset if used right.

I think it's a matter of time until he receives his complimentary blindfold and cigarette. Lousy, lousy special teams since he's been in charge.

Now Jenna Elfman with a complimentary blindfold and cigarette...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wheeeeeeeeeee,

I agree as a team we looked good but our special teams isnt so special.We have one of the best return specialists in the league we need to open things up for him or he isnt gonna want to stay here.

Thanks for the typo I just edited.

heh heh. I do them all the time. NIce to be able to make fun of someone else everyonce in a while :rockin: