Special Teams

Our Special teams had a A+ rating at the beginning of the season; and were very much contributing to our wins.

Now we have taken a slight step back, still good but I rate them a B-.

Punt and Kick Returns: we were frequently scoring on this aspect of the game, but there have been no TDs in the last 5-6 games; or even good returns that have lead to great field position and we have ended up scoring a TD or achieved FG range. Other teams have figured out our schemes, we need to make adjustments. Improvement here can really help our offence.
Curtent rating this as a C+.

Field Goal Kicking: Liram has been missing some makable field goals lately; but he is connecting on the majority. Current Rating B.

Cover Teams: This has been the
most consistent part of ST. They have mostly contained the opposition and have not allowed a TD.
Current Rating A+

Kickoffs and Punting:
Haven’t seen Liram Shank too many punts, usually angles the punts well. Distance apprears to be decent, but could use a little improvement.
Current Rating: A-

It could be that injuries are affecting some of the blocking schemes. Players like Frey and Langa might be missed more than we think.

Our special teams are doing just fine . :slight_smile: We’re 9 and 3 !

We’re on to Edmonton .

Pat Lynch (the big Jeff Reinebold fan )

We would be 12-0, if our ST averaged a TD per game!

Speaking about Edmonton, a lot of posters think that is going to be an easy game; but Edmonton hasn’t won in a month; they are going to be psych-ed up!

At least we can bring the losing streak to Harris/Ellingson to an end.

We would have to change the name of our special teams to exceptional teams if we scored a TD per game on the teams . :slight_smile:

We're on to Edmonton .

Pat Lynch (the ancient one )

There were quite a few holding penalties on kick returns against Winnipeg. Hope the Cats clean this up fast.

We also seem to have a lot of “holding the ball” issues on field goal attempts. This has to be cleaned up or we are going to miss a critical extra point or field goal.

and...we would be 12-0 if we scored more points than our opponent every game. ;D

btw. I hope they are psyched up. I saw how Winterpeg played (psyched up) after their rather disappointing loss to the Larks. 8)

I’ve played for a lot of great coaches, but I would have loved to play for Reinbold. Best instructor I’ve ever seen. Always teaching!

This is an unfair comment. My original comment was about Edmonton playing with Trevor Harris.
At the time, it was not clear Harris would be out…and once Edmonton got used to playing with their back up, they were very pyched up and came within a hair of beating us.

It seemed like that officiating crew was calling both teams on every kick.

Where did you play? Maybe I got your autograph at some point? 8)

Definitely both teams had their issues with the holding penalties on ST.

Post season nightmare: Brandon or Frankie getting a TD called back cause of a hold, illegal block! :frowning:

Are you a Rugby fan??

I believe that would be the Angry Garden Gnome officiating crew . >:(

Pat Lynch ( not a Kim Murphy fan )

We have had blocked field goal, missed extra points, bad snaps, bad ball holds and holding penalties on our special teams over last few weeks.

Hope most of it will be cleaned up as we can not keep having the O and D keep bailing out the ST.

We played a great game yesterday and knocked the boots off the Deadblacks.

There was some room for improvement on ST.

  1. Blocked kick

  2. Missed very short Field goal.

  3. Our return team did not amount to many yards.

In a close game against a superior opponenent these things will matter.

On the positive side, that on-side kick was executed to perfection and was a wonderful surprise.

Time is running out to fix the issues on ST. To your point, these mistakes against a superior opponent will be harder to overcome.

Yesterday the Cats had a perfect onside kick . Today the Bills had a perfect return of an onsider and took it to the house .

That return in Buffalo reminded me of a Henry Sorrell return against the Argos ( I believe) in 1969 or 70 . The Cat linebacker was on the restraining line when the ball was kicked straight at him . He caught the line drive and took it all the way for a TD . Most of the Argo cover team ran by him while trying to get down field. It looked like the Keystone Cops .

That memory has been buried for quite some time but thanks to the Bills, I retrieved it. Probably tomorrow it will be gone again . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (Je me souviens)

The long term memory never fades.
Now what was it, I just walked into this room to get???