special teams

Fire Reinbolt

Our tackling has been so much better the last 2 weeks.... did Calgary grease the door handles leaving the visitor's dressing room?

Missed field goal- huge runback
poor yardage on runbacks - Moore is scary
fake punt - huge yardage
big yards given up on Stamp runbacks
no yards penalties

Special teams sucked tonight! Congi, needs to be upgraded. His missed field goals cost us the game, his kickoffs are short.

Tavoy Moore is NOT the answer.

Medicine needs a call and a look.

Fire Reinbold!

They aren't ready to play.

Can't cover kicks. Over running and taking the wrong angles on returns.
Totally unprepared on fakes. Looked like dopes on the squib kick-off against Winnipeg, and no where to be found on 3rd down punt fake tonight. Teams are gonna keep testing us now.

Congi way too many misses

Bartel is prime for a block, way too slow on his wind up.

Why are we sticking with Moore? Where is Walker?


Stamps had 3 big kick returns in the first half and each was the product of a block in the back but only one was called. So much for Kim the "Garden Gnome" and his crew of merry men. I do agree that Moore and Congi don't appear to be the answers to our special teams' questions. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Pat, I saw those illegal blocks also, they were obvious

When they showed the replay of the first return, I couldn't believe the missed call. Bewick was the first player down field, and was ahead of the Calgary players. He slowed down to contain the returner, and was blocked in the back when the play changed direction. That call cost the team 3 points.

I thought the coverage was better in the second half, although this was partly because the punts were generally high and not past the coverage team.

Congi had an off night. He didn't miss either FG by much. If Burris doesn't get sacked before the one that hit the post it would have been much easier to make.

Moore returning ... not good at all. He is slow, doesn't make any lateral moves, and can't break a tackle for the life of him. Can't imagine how different things would be if Chris Williams were back there.

The punt fake was the TSN turning point in the game. Hamilton had Calgary down and frustrated until that play happened. They certainly didn't look prepared.

While there were a number of small mistakes that resulted in the loss, IMO the play of the special teams was the difference in this game. Too bad, as this would have been a huge road win.

I have a bad taste in my mouth after this loss (they gave this one away), but I have a smile on my face, because I like a lot of what I am seeing from this team.


Most hilarious comment so far!
Let's change the rules and give the kicker 2 points if he misses by less than 20 feet! It's the horseshoes/grenades rule!

Possibly another big turning point was the penalty for a Facemask by Dee webb and then get's immediatly burned on a short TD pass

I have seen enough of Tavon Moore to know that Chevon Walker should be returning kicks for us for the rest of the season. Moore can't make the first few guys miss.

I don't think we have a good returner on our team walker is not the answer he does'nt have the vision to see the holes the only one that showed some flashes last year was onrea jones

Should be tons of NFL cuts out there. Oh Danny Mac? Are you awake?

With LaMar on the 9 game I.L. and likely done for the season,it would look like our only other option would be having Jones and Walker be our return men the rest of the year.I agree 100% Moore is NOT getting the job done,and has been less than impressive since being inserted into the lineup.As for Congi has anybody been to practice and maybe inform us how Lauther looks in practice,we've kept him around since training camp,has to be a reason for it,obviuosly he must have some sort of potential or he wouldn't still be here.For whatever reason,Luca has been totally unreliable this year,compared to last year when he rarely missed on his f.g. attempts.I also have wondered about the lack of distance on Kick-offs,and have wondered if maybe Bartel might be given a shot at it.

Austin doesn't seem to have much patience for poor play. That makes it seem like there is more to Moore (ha!)....but, so far he looks out of shape, and slow, with unreliable hands. I would prefer Onrea returns punts -- he has sure hands and gains positive yards. Walker can return kickoffs. Walker is a better receiver than Moore, and a better back.
Also, the one thing the offense lacks is breakout speed, and Walker can provide some of that --- Austin utilizes backs as receivers, and Walker could be factor....

Cut Moore, with import space now available hire Medlock. Two ST problems solved.

That doesn't open up an import spot, as we would be replacing Moore on the 42 with Walker. To bring in Medlock, we'd need to replace one of our import backups with a non-import.