Special Teams

So i'm sitting here reading a lot of negative comments due to the season and firings. Still alot of Rider Nation seem to be more positive towards the 2nd half of the season.

So one area I think we could comment upon that is positive is the turn around on ST. It is so nice to see that once Daley left, Dickenson has much improved this part of the game. Hopefully the same occurs now on the Offensive (opps I digress).

So here it is, 1 game shy of the half way point. Should be enough time for comments. Areas for improvement, players you would like to see play? I still feel sorry for Dorsey and im shocked someone has not signed him. He was fine, it was the Daley system that let him down.

The main improvement I'm looking for is to see a Rider team focused and ready to play RIGHT AT THE START OF A GAME and for a FULL 60 MINUTES, not half a final quarter. I'll be watching closely to see if Coach Miller makes a difference in this important area. I think Dickenson is doing a pretty good job with ST's. As for Daley's system, I could never figure out if he had one or what it was.

Riders special teams were absolutely brutal last year. It was like nobody blocked anybody. It was like it didn't matter who the return man was, he was doomed to 5 yards at most.

With all this talk about bad play calling, worst Riders play call that I have EVER seen. Grey Cup, late 3rd quarter. Als are 3rd and 2 on the Riders 45 approx. Trestman sends out the punt unit. Riders have been having awful punt retyrns all night, so Dressler is sent out as a 2nd return man with Grice-Mullen.

Now if it's 3rd and 10 the move is ok, or even if the Als are inside their own 25. But 3rd and 2 on the Riders side of midfield DON'T DO THIS!! The Als licked their chops in low risk field position, to get a chance to fake for just 2 yards with only 10 defenders on the line. I was up in the stands going "omg they're gonna fake!" and sure enough, snap to the upback and trot around the end for the easy first down.

A few plays later they kick a field goal. Free 3 points. The fake punt in my opinion was the play of the game. Worst play call that I can remember in over 30 years of watching the Riders.

I think alot of us saw this coming. Reason being that Trestman has pulled these trick plays time and again during playoff games. How could the coaches not see this?

A bad call was not taking a timeout during the 13 man incident. It was commonly being called in the NFL in those situatios to put more pressure on the kicker. It also allows you to ensure everything is fine scheme wise and playerwise on your side of the line. Need to use those timeouts wisely. Hell hire a guy just to ensure these things are not missed or forgotten in the heat of the moment!

I can remember everyone I was with screaming out "its a fake" from the moment the als took formation.

the Als played the same punt formation all day...except for on that punt...that and field position is how we saw it.

On that fake punt call, by the Al's, Hawkins (who many hold to pretty high standards) missed a tackle. He was in the guys grill and would have dropped him short of 1st down. We were susceptible on ST all year last year so for that to happen made sense.

I want to see no more time counts.

I want to see fierce defense. We've seen some of this stuff so far but not on every play.

I want some forced fumbles and INT's. McKenzie, Lance, Graham, no picks!

I want to see Eddie back healthy. Milo, I'll cut a rookie some slack but holy shite.

I want to see graham back on defense. I think he's our new Kitwana Jones. Undersized but he's quick and makes plays. Too bad he got hurt and i hope we can get him back soon and see how the coaches use him.

I want to see a young MLB signed. Not sure if Barrin can go again next season. I fear Freeman will go south and that would leave a large hole at LB? Would love to see freeman at MLB but he might not be here. Perhaps Mr. Graham is MLB material.

I want to see Baker, Burks and Barnes at receiver. They aren't here to run water on the field. Like the Hanson brothers, leaves see what you got boys.

With a significant amount of guys coming off IR..........what the hell do we do with active 46 man roster and PR. By my accounting we'll be shuffling 4-5 bodies, as in cut? Or we'll see more guys get stashed on the 9 game IR?

Like the change or don't like the change, doesn't matter. Everyone is very interesting to see how this change manifests going forward. There is more interest in this team now because of the change. The players have some pressure to respond properly so we'll see how they react?

Are you talking about Nick Graham? The guy who has been burned for more big plays than anyone else on the secondary? Compared to Kitwana Jones? REALLY?

I’m not sure I’d want him doing anything other than bagging groceries, but that’s my opinion.

Please tell me you are talking about another Graham that I have missed or forgotten about.

He is talking about Chris Graham, Rookie LB who was hurt 3-6 weeks ago. I forget when. Number 5 if I remember correctly

Ahhhhh ok.

I thought I had to be missing something. Looked on the depth chart and didn’t see another Graham, but that could just be my old eyes :cry:

I really don’t remember this other kid at all.

Me either? I'll have to watch game 1 again to see this guy in action.

Chris Graham is a really hard hitting LB. I haven't seen enough of his play to say whether he's good or not, but I do remember him laying a few licks on some guys.

As for special teams, they've been our most consistent area all season long. They would be better with a healthy Eddie, with Milo doing the kickoffs and punts we lose about 10 yards net on every kick. Not that he's been bad, but Eddie is one of the best with his crazy hangtime.

Ya, its funny. His hang time is so good that we keep taking no yard penalties. He obviously hates field goal kicking and we have missed him the last two games. Milo, whats happening with him. This should be automatic after all the years of kicking. Yes there is nerves, but wow? Otherwise very good, no run backs for TDs. Our returns are getting better. Jackson looks good in the last game, to bad about the penalties that wiped the returns out.

only in 1 game where he was playing injured / hurt. I can't imagine trying to punt with a strained groin. I can only hope that he did not make it worse.

Looks like Clagary will have a free field goal kicker soon. If Congi cant play we should be able to sign that guy up.

I still have faith in Milo. I think he has great potential.

He is 3rd all time in CIS kicking.
He is 3rd in CIS history for FG made (69, record is 71)
He is 3rd all time in CIS points, with Neil Lumsden topping the list. Only Frank Jagas scored more as a kicker.
He holds the CIS record for FG in a season.
He kicker something like 85% in CIS (I don't know the exact #)

he is just off to a bad start. In the second preseason game he went for a 49 yard FG and pushed it about a yard wide, but he had enough leg on it that he still had the distance had he been 10 yards back. Would you have faith in Congi from that distance? If so, you are one of the few...he did not even line up to kick the long ones last season, so the coaches knew he could not make them. Now he has a rehabbed ankle on his kicking foot...how is your faith in that 45 yarder now?

Planting foot.

Milo missing a 49 yder doesn't concern me, it was the 27 yder that does. I mentioned the Calgary kicker because he has done well and Congi will be question mark due to his injury. We need a reliable backup just in case. I dont have faith that he will last the year.

If they would have kept ONE returner back and 11 dudes on the line they would not have faked. When they sent two returners back, the Als HAD to fake. What was Daley thinking?