Special teams...

Are gonna make me puke! The Als score a TD, and on the ensuing kickoff, the special teams give up another HUGE return. Toronto TD by Lemon on the next play!!!!

Those stinking special teams are sinking the team.

That makes me two of us. First the TD, and then too many men? C'mon Tibesar!!! Smarten up or get your resume in order!

Bischoff! Wake up. Coaches have been fired for a lot less than this...

Did anyone catch Jim going to talk to his HC... This is getting serious, they need to address this.

They need to make a change ASAP!!! Special teams just gave Toronto 10 points.

I think it went something like this.

"You were right Marc, you can have your ST coordinator"...

Bishoff will go back to his positional coach duties.

Another long punt return given up by the Als in the 4th quarter...


A few months ago, Senior ah me claimed he could be a better GM than Jim Popp on these boards. I thought that was funny, but ballsy!

I would not give him the GM job,but after tonight's repeat **** performance by special teams, I would appoint him special teams coordinator!

I think I should recuse myself

It seems I totally misjudged Brandon Whitaker

But I stand firm on Maypray
So maybe I still have a shot...


Just shows you no one is perfect and there is always places you can improve a club. We all know ST are so bad they will cost a or some games if it isn't rectified, let's just hope it's not a playoff or GC game.

Well that's kind of the point isn't it?
If we get to the Cup we'll be playing the best (or second best) team in the league
Suddenly every element in your game is important
Every weakness a potential downfall

Fortunately...there's plenty of time to address it
But as I mentioned about practise
The coverage part of practise was kind of lackadaisical
Certainly no sign of urgency
Or concern

I found it worrying then
I find it more worrying now

Special teams, right now, are an embarrassment to the franchise. I can't remember a time when we were so consistently poor in virtually every aspect of the ST game. We can't block on kickoffs or punt returns, can't stop other teams from breaking off big gains, can't kickoff properly, can't avoid undisciplined penalties, can't even have the correct number of players on the field to avoid giving the other team new life with a penalty-assisted first down.

I'm just stunned.

I think we need to give Chad Owens some credit - he is an incredible talent that would give any ST a run for their money - figuratively and literally.

That said, the ST are still not running lanes properly and keeping contain. Let's not forget that part of the success of downfiled coverage on a punt requires the punter to place the ball with a good arc on the ball to allow the ST to establish their lanes. A "line-drive" punt makes this very difficult. BUT! Whyte's kickoffs are not a work in progress, they're downright embarrassing. A 20-30 yd kickoff provides the opposing team instant field position. I don't know where DeAngelis is the scheme of things, but I think he needs to be activated for kickoffs. The Als' D played outstandingly in the 2nd half, but the Als are going to have some close games, and this is where kicking comes into the picture. You simply can't give the opposition a short field in such games.

On a positive note, Whyte was perfect on FG last night. While it is always more satisfying to score the major, 3 ponts are points.

Another negative about Whyte is that he is too timid to block. He is just small, slow and maybe not so strong. Maybe DeAngelis can be for kickoffs and punts? Looking at Whyte letting away returners made me miss Duval. Then I reminded myself what Duval did on the last two Grey Cups.

Very insightful post jkm! Punting and kicking statistics can be very misleading...a great average may look impressive, but averages do not take placement and hangtime into account which, IMO, are far more important to the coverage! From everything I have seen and read, DeAngelis has the stronger leg for both KOs & FGs so why not give him a chance? I am not necessarily advocating benching Whyte, but why not have each do what they do best? Why wait until it costs us?