Special Teams

After we traded for Jason ARMSTEAD the head coach basically said he will improve our return game on special teams because the previous person was not getting it done.

Well after watching the Montreal game, I did NOT see any real improvement.

No player, no matter how good he is, can do it on his own. He needs blocking and we have not given that to any of our returners this year.

The only bright light on our special teams is our kicker and his field goal kicking. But what has happened to his punting. Going into last nights game he had the lowest average in the league, 36 yards.????!!!!!.

Now that I can agree with, Hell ARMSTEAD and WALKER can get it done but we need some blocking to do.
If we can open that we can bust some heads.

Happy to see you see that is a problem

Don't know where you got that average for Setta punting, but as per cfl.ca stats it is 41.5, and the Ticats as a team have the second best net punting, thanks to Setta's high kicks and long hang-time, and excellent downfield coverage.

Yes, the return game blocking does need work, and Armstead had only one day of practice as a Ticat before the game.

I think his high kicks are causing a lot of no yards calls, though. Last night he made a couple of relatively short kicks, then really nailed one which caused Bratton to screw up. Not that it made any difference in the end.

Armstead looked good running back kicks. But it seemed like every return had an illegal block or holding call bringing things back. Even the one where he almost had his head taken off.