Special Teams

Last night I feel that our Special Teams let us down. If I remember correctly we had bad field position all night long. There was only one good return by Holmes. JoJo and Corey are not getting it done. Setta missed on a makeable field goal shot which in the end would have had the score tied. Downfield coverage on Bradley was lacking. Need to break this down and get the right people in the right positions. Field position in the CFL in all to important.

Couldn't agree more....I wonder how opposing teams prepare for our punt returns? Apparently they are all doing a great job, whatever it is, because our return game is extremely poor. It's hard to believe we don't have the return talent and I'm inclined to think that the Cats are not paying enough time in practice to this aspect of the game.

However, Holmes looks almost disinterested most of the time and totally bewildered when the punt hits the ground, like "when should I pick it up". There is something seriously wrong here.

I'd like to see some extra effort put into this before the season ends!

Of all the roles Holmes had in Saskatchewan, this should be the one he still has and succeeds with here. We have recievers and running backs but returning should still be his niche on this team. Something must be systematically wrong with our return blocking scheme.

coaching sucks

Setta missed on a makeable field goal shot which in the end would have had the score tied.
Edmonton missed one too. We are back to a two point defecit. Whats your point exactly?

S**k Corey Holmes should be breaking away for more yardage we miss #42 who Was doing a great job on ST and a leader but hey thats history :thdn: ST :thdn:

I feel like every return this year has been a middle return. Anybody else?

IMO, this is exactly whats causing us problems. Most of the time there are only 2 people blocking for Holmes when he gets the ball. With that said.. Holmes is not impressing me.

He reminds me of Yeast. He is small like Yeast, he is returning kicks like Yeast did, and he is "fast". I can see Holmes being cut at the end of the season(if its possible) unless he steps it up, but first we need to improve on getting back & setting up some blocks before all the blame is put on Holmes.

It seems no matter who coaches this team our special teams struggle. It's almost like everyone is afraid to block on punts because no one wants to take a penalty. When it comes to covering punts I have never seen a team that can figure out the no yards rule. With three downs special teams are one of the most important aspects of football in the CFL and we need to start getting better fast.

quick comment
none of you can go out there in football gear and make 100% of your feildgoals. professional kickers cant do it and certainly not a bunch of board watchers.
to demand perfection is insane.

Why our special teams STILL stink (even after a coaching change) is a mystery to me.

special teams isnt too bad.

look at it this way.. in the NFL those pussies take a "fair catch" catch the ball. please ref please dont let me get hit. at least we're not dropping the ball constantly :smiley:

The Ticats' special teams tackling on punts and kickoff returns has been excellent this year. On the other side of the coin, the Ticats are probably at or near the bottom of the league in generating punt return and kickoff return yardage- a rethinking of their blocking schemes may be in order.

As for the kicking game, the field goal accuracy is better than last year but has recently become inconsistent, and the kickoffs and punting (except for better hang time on punts) are roughly the same as last year.

so what can we do about it? we know that holmes isnt performing anywhere near his potential. i'd bench his lack of effort and throw in a low-paid rookie giving him a chance to prove himself

why dont we throw in chang to return kicks. concidering holms cant run it im sure chang cant do worse

We had people return punts and/or kicks for td's in the past three years (i.e. Kalil Hill, Yeast, Folks), but we let them all go. We the fans hyped Corey Holmes up this year even though he did absolutely nothing last year. Think about it. The guy was okay two plus years ago. What have you done for me lately? Nothing.

The Next Games that come up, Look at the blocking that the ticats dont have. The compare to the other teams that do BLOCK. The return game is just fine we need blocking to step up.

Hell before you where all over JoJo not getting it done to your beat and wanted Corey in there. Now that he is back there and not getting breaks cause of the blocking everyone wants to cry a river.

Wake up and smell the coco beans, its due to the blocking that they are not getting.

I so hope when and if Corey and JoJo break one for a touchdown they blow all you haters a kiss.

cmw1612 is correct. Our blocking scams are abyssmal. Earl (Praise Be His Name) would be killed back there as well.

Actually Earl (praise be his name) got many return TD's soley on his skill with very poor blocking, IMO.

Earl had something that I see in Jesse, deceptive speed and an extra gear. Both of them seem to outrun people when you don't think they will on a given play.