Special Teams

K Devlin, Brian
P Fleming, Pat
LS ??

KR Lumsden, Jesse
KR Fowlkes, DaVon
PR Lumsden, Jesse
PR Fowlkes, DaVon

Setta will be the kicker I think.

The biggest improvement will be in the coaching so Pat Fleming won’t pass and run and will do what he is paid to do punt

K- Setta
PR/KR: Jo Jo Walker (he'll beat out Fowlkes)

It will be interesting to see whether the Ticats select a kicker in the 2007 Canadian College Draft to compete with Nick Setta and Brian Devlin at training camp.

Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins has publicly stated that he prefers to have one kicker do the field goals, kickoffs and punting. Unfortunately, none of the kickers on the draft list seem to excel at all three facets of the kicking game. Of the 16 kickers available in the 2007 Canadian College Draft, here are the three best 2006 stats in each of three categories:

Field Goals

Robert Eeuwes (McGill) 9 made/11 attempts, 81.82%
Ara Tchobanian (Ottawa) 12 made/17 attempts, 70.59%
Kevin Reider (Windsor) 14 made/20 attempts, 70.0%


Kevin Reider (Windsor) 57.45 yard average
Warren Kean (Concordia) 56.89 yard average
Ara Tchobanian (Ottawa) 54.70 yard average


Ara Tchobanian (Ottawa) 36.9 yard average
Ryan Elger (Queens) 35.89 yard average
Robert Eeuwes (McGill) 35.13 yard average

Although there is not an abundance of kicking talent available in the draft this year, it might still be worthwhile to choose a kicker with a late draft pick so that he does not count against the roster during the pre-season. It can be seen that, in 2006, Eeuwes was the most accurate field goal kicker, Reider had the longest kickoffs, and Tchobanian was in the top three in all three kicking categories. While none of them seem capable of challenging either Pat Fleming or Nick Setta for the punting job, it appears that any of the three potential draftees could provide competition for Setta and Devlin in the field goal department and Reider or Tchobanian could compete with Setta and Devlin for the kickoff job.

There is NO way Devlin makes this team.


Nick Setta Biggest Problem is Kicking Power.
He dose not have real strong Leg

He Gone from NFL Camp to NFL Camp .
If Setta was that good Then he be in the NFL By Now.
His Kick Range is know a Problem.

Don’t look for kicks Longer then 40 yards this year
If Setta gets the job.

The ticats Should Still look to Bring in Mike Vanderjat…
Who is real Pro Kicker who Knows the CFL Game
Who is Canadian by the way
Mike Would be Money
He is Better then any NFL Pracice Team Reject.

IMO Setta won’t cut it Bring in Vanderjat Now…

Mike stats Speak for them Self.

[url=http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/vandemik01.htm]http://www.pro-football-reference.com/p ... emik01.htm[/url]


After graduating from WVU in 1993, he returned to Canada and started a career in the CFL, where his career got off to a bumpy start. Between 1993 and 1996 he was cut by four different CFL teams[1], getting some brief playing time with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1993. Not playing in the league in 1994 or 1995 Vanderjagt played for the Minnesota Fighting Pike of the Arena Football League before returning to the Toronto Argonauts (who had previously cut him twice) for the 1996 season. He became a vital part of Argos for the next two seasons serving as their regular placekicker and punter. He helped the Argos win the Grey Cup in both 1996 and 1997; in those two games he was a perfect 9 of 9. For his 1996 Grey Cup efforts he was named the game's outstanding Canadian. He also led the CFL in yardage per punt in 1997. Following the 1997 season, Vanderjagt left the Argos to become a free agent.

Not sure why you think Setta does not have a strong leg.

Here is some info I found on him

Attempted a 72 yard FG in high school hitting the crossbar.
Did make a 59 yard FG in grade 10.
Was 1st team All American as a kicker in high school.
Had a 45+ yard punting average in high school.
Most recently tried out for the Buffalo Bills, and was given little opportunity to unseed the best punter in the NFL in Morman, and FG kicker Ryan Lindall coming off of his best year of FG kicking.

Rating top PK in his draft year
Nate Kaeding (Iowa).
Josh Scobee (Lousiana Tech).
Brent Smith (Mississippi State).
David Kimball (Penn State).
Nick Setta (Notre Dame).

NFL Europe for longest attempted FG
Longest Field Goal Attempts
Player Yr Long FG
Don Silvestri England vs. Barcelona, 5/31/98 63
Danny Boyd Berlin at Frankfurt, 4/13/02 61
Nicholas Setta Rhein vs. Franjfurt, 5/21/05 61

He has to have leg to line up for a 61 yarder!!

Tranning Camp and Preseason May show me your right About Setta
so iF I am Wrong about Setta
I will Gladly Eat my words.

No need to eat any words, I just wasn't sure why you thought that he did not have a strong kicking leg.

I am just going off internet statistics.
I Didn't know if you had an inside scoop on him.

I Have Read
some Scouting Reports from Net
a few Other Spots

LS- have we re-signed Matt Robichaud yet?

 I think he is the best LS in the CFL, so 
 unless one of our other centres can do the 
 job at least as well, we need Robichaud or 
 a clone.